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Wellness Wednesday: The Lean Machines

Jan 29, 2014 | Other | 2 comments

Hi All!

By now I am sure you have noticed my slight obsession with british YouTubers. And part of that obsession includes my favourite fitness channel: The Lean Machines.

I actually found this channel through the Pixiwoo sisters (BEST MAKE-UP ARTISTS EVER), and it is their younger brother & friend who are The Lean Machines. John & Leon – And let me tell you, they definitely live up to their name.

They make great, short, home and gym based work out videos some of my favs include: How to slim down your waist and strengthen your core!How to tone, shape and lift your bum and I loved their Christmas advent!

But more importantly than the fact that they are incredibly fit themselves and obviously know a thing or two about fitness (being personal trainers)- they are the most cheerful and encouraging guys ever!

They have such a great sense of humour and despite being incredibly fit- they don’t make you feel overwhelmed or intimidated- just really positive about the fact that you have goals and that you are doing something, rather than doing nothing. Which to me is the most important because I feel easily intimidated and insecure about my fitness level – and to have the message that ‘everything counts and doing something is always great and better than nothing’ is really good and motivational!!

Beyond their fitness videos they also have great videos about food and nutrition, and I think that their ideas and philosophy of food is spot on! They are also really good at explaining things in a way that is very informative while being informal and relatable. Some of my favourite nutrition based videos are: What should I be eating?, and Stay fit & healthy with our breakfast ideas!

They also do some fun bonus videos- just for entertainment and kicks- which are always nice to watch since they are funny and cheerful guys- and they are pretty interactive with their audience in the comments! Not to mention they are great at regularly uploading! What more could you want!

So that has been this Wellness Wednesday- I would highly recommend that you check these guys out!

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

xo erin


  1. Anonymous

    Just checked them out and loving it already. I mean – cute guys, cute accents, and good advice!? What more could you ask for 🙂 . Hopefully will give me some encouragement to get my butt to the gym!

    – C

    • EmeraldErin

      I know right? they are awesome!!- they also have a lot of good 10 minute home workouts that will totally kick you in the butt if you aren't feeling motivated enough to leave your room like me 🙂


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