Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2014 | Other | 3 comments

Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day/ Singles Awareness Day/ National Cake Bingeing Day or whatever it is you feel like celebrating on this wonderful Friday. 

I am celebrating a combination of all of these days- and I thought I would share with you two ways that I am celebrating today:

Firstly-and most importantly- the bats have dropped their hats and antlers and are now decked out with love bows & arrows, and carrying conversation hearts!

As you may notice, I could not print out regular conversation hearts with love-y messages, because that would not be as ironically hilarious as the ones that say ‘bite me’ and ‘eat dirt’.

With so many typing shortcuts you can really get some long messages onto hearts now! I was particularly impressed by ‘tbh ur not gr8’- as this is a lot to say on a small heart!

But the message that will always have a place in my heart is this one:

(no conversation heart has ever captured my feelings more clearly lol)
Besides my ironic Valentine’s bats I also gave myself a very Valentine’s manicure:

This was my way of giving myself some love on this day dedicated to love <3. Also this was the most simple way to do a heart manicure- you paint the background colour (the hearts) first, and then using a fine tip nail polish you draw on the little v shapes at the top and bottom afterwards- BAM simple hearts!
I hope you are all having a wonderful 14th of February, and that you are showing yourself a little bit of love on this day!
xo erin


  1. Anonymous

    Happy Valentines Day.. 🙂
    . M

  2. Anonymous

    "Cats only" is my fav 🙂

    – C


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