Hi All,

Today for Wellness Wednesday I wanted to talk about tea. Tea is something that I have always enjoyed but recently, especially with my cold and trying to keep extra hydrated, I have been drinking it a lot!

I’ve even worked out a bit of a system that I find works really well for me! And since drinking tea is very healthy I figured I would share it with you today- I call it my three pot system.

It starts with my first pot of tea for the day (a little pot and preferably this little elephant!) and I like a black tea in the morning, lately I have been loving this loose leaf lady grey tea- so nice, but I also enjoy a nice cup of chai tea sometimes too. This little pot is enough for a lovely large cup of tea.

The second pot of tea of the day is with lunch and this is when I move on to my green tea, which has a little less caffeine than the black tea and is also a little lighter- perfect with lunch- I have been loving this North African Mint green tea from David’s tea- so good with cardamom and other spices, but I also love the green ginger tazo tea that you can get from starbucks! I usually only make the small pot of this so I don’t have too much caffeine, and it still gives me a lovely mug-full!

The last and third pot of the day is usually a big pot of herbal tea that I make after dinner (and I love to make this in my thermal carafe because it keeps it hot all evening). Some of my favourites are the Organic Peppermint Amour or the Midsummer Night’s Dream, both from David’s tea. The peppermint is so fresh and relaxing after a nice meal, but the midsummer night’s dream is as dreamy as it sounds so tasty (definitely an all-time fav). And I make a big pot of this so I can drink it all the way into the evening (and it is all caffeine free so you don’t have to worry about it keeping you up at night).

I find this really helps to keep me away from snacking in the evenings too because it keeps you feeling satisfied and gives you a nice taste 🙂 I find that drinking all these tasty teas, and keeping well hydrated through the day has been really helpful with my diet and keeping my cravings down. There really is something about a lovely cup of tea, especially in the winter, that just makes you feel satisfied. But this is definitely not just for the winter- I am really excited to enjoy some of these teas as iced tea in the summer- especially the Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Another small thing that I have been loving are these delicious tidbits

Toasted coconut- it is a little sweet and a touch salty and just overall the most delicious thing ever, and I would say relatively healthy as far as treats go! I have been loving them lately as a little pick-me-up treat when I am finding this dieting thing just too hard lol.

So that is what I have been doing to be well this Wednesday- and if you are or aren’t already a tea drinker I would highly recommend that you try out my three pot system!

Hope you are all well this Wednesday too!

xo erin