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Face, Eye and Lip Favourites!

Mar 14, 2014 | Other | 0 comments

Hi All,

I thought I should be random this Friday and do something that I’ve never done on here before- review some make-up products that I’ve been loving!

If some of you don’t know already, I am a bit of a make-up addict and I enjoy watching countless hours of make-up tutorials and reviews on YouTube, as well as trying out new looks on myself.

Anyways- I have found some new products recently that I have been using a lot and really loving- so I’m going to show you my new face, eyes and lips favourite!

First with the face favourite- I am loving the Revlon 24hrs  ColourStay foundation.

I have this in the colour 110 Ivory, also known as ‘as pale as it gets’. And I think it is a really great colour and matches in well with my skin tone. This is a fairly high coverage liquid foundation and I find that it buffs into my skin really well when I apply it with a buffing brush. The main reason that I tried out this foundation was because I found that my old foundation (Infallible by L’Oreal) was drying a little bit orange on my skin- which is really obvious when you are as pale as I am. This foundation has not done that so far- and I find that it has really good staying power and will last on my skin all day. For reference I tend to have fairly dry skin.

My second fav is for the eyes and it is the new ‘LASH OUT Butterfly’ mascara from L’Oreal

I love this- I think this is one of those new brush shapes that isn’t just a gimmick- the longer tips on the one end curve around to the shape of my eye and get my outer lashes way better! I generally love all the mascaras in the voluminous range from L’Oreal, but this one really does it the most for me- it has their good formula and a really great brush- I’m sold, I already bought my second of these for when I run out of my first! – I got mine in ‘black’.

My last favourite is a Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the colour 109

If you follow many beauty vloggers- you may know that this is a bit of a cult favourite of the drugstore lipsticks. I first bought this lipstick in the colour 107 (which is a really dark vampy red) and I just recently got it in 109 which is this super bright coral-pink colour- I put it on as I was leaving the store and I got a compliment on it only minutes later! These lipsticks are very highly pigmented and long lasting- they are also fairly matte and a little on the drier side, not very creamy- but I feel like this is what helps them to last for so long. Luckily they don’t seem to dry my lips out- so it is really a must have in my make-up bag- especially in this colour for spring!

I have been absolutely loving all these products lately- and they were all used in the make-up look I had on in my post yesterday to take picks of the new jacket I made.

I love this look for spring with the long lashes, flawless skin and bold lip!

And these products were all pretty essential in bringing me from this (no make-up cringe):

To this (super polished!):

I was looking out my window to take these pics and it was so bright- most of them were like this lol:

But this look is SUPER on trend for this spring, especially with a more orange-based lip colour! Pixiwoo – my girl crushes- actually just put up a make-up tutorial yesterday with a look similar to this! I feel so ahead of the trend!! (if you like make-up tutorials- seriously check it out they are amazing)

Hope your Friday is Fantastic!! and if you have any make-up favourites, or have been loving the same products as I have- leave them in a comment!!

xo erin


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