Hi All!

As promised here is my latest sewing project!

It all started when I received these two items in the mail-

which I ordered online after creeping every blogger who has ever sewn drape drape and swooning for hours… as you can see they are already littered with little stick-its for each project I want to sew!

But I figured I should start out simple, and with Me-Made-May coming up, I thought something that is very every-day wearable would be a good choice as well. So I picked the no.4 top, which is essentially a modified T-shirt.

After converting the sizing chart into inches, and having my eyes bug out, I decided that I would make the L/XL option, and pray to the spandex gods that it would cover me. 
This is one of those patterns that you have to trace off a sheet with lots of overlapping patterns. I’m really used to doing this since I love the BurdaStyle magazines, but if you really hate doing this- here is a tip that makes it better- draw on the line you want to follow with a marker or a highlighter- this will make it easier to see and follow through your tracing paper, and less likely for you to go off on the wrong line.

This pattern has three pieces that you have to put together, so I did each one a different colour, then I colour coded that into the book so I would remember what piece is what. (look at me thinking ahead, so clever)

Then you have to go about cutting out this monstrosity- thankfully my parents have a huge dining table.

I selected this green slinky knit with multicoloured pussy willows on it.

Then you literally just whip it up! There are seams along the top of both shoulders and one side seam- otherwise you just have to finish your edges which I did with a narrow self-binding.

 Standing awkwardly in my new shirt – I like that it almost has this effect of the pussy willows flying away in the wind over my shoulder- like they are being blown out of this vortex in the really drape-y bit and fleeing away! 🙂

As you can see it has a very draped side- which I really love

Obligatory funny pose:

I felt I needed to do this pose below because there is so much fabric and freedom on the one side of this top that you can really stretch in it!

It’s funny- I actually made this top today, and took the pictures today and I wasn’t planning on being photo ready at all but when I got my camera out I was like- ‘well I better put some concealer on, and yeah, better fill my eyebrows in too, and maybe a little mascara won’t hurt- and my lips look awfully pale’. But then I looked up at my hair in an awful messy bun and I was like ‘meh- ain’t got time for that’. It’s funny what people get hung up on- for me it is much more about the face than the hair lol.- sorry about the messy hair : P

Here is a close-up of the binding, I finished it with a little zig-zag stitch so that it would stretch- and I quite like the finish! Maybe a little more home-made in look but I think it goes with the eccentricity of the fabric and cut.

If you are thinking that you would like to start sewing with knits then I would highly recommend this pattern it comes together so quick and there really are the minimal amount of seams possible! Not to mention it’s a really wearable design, in my opinion. 
I also did a review of this up on Pattern Review- you can get there through my widget! – and if you are interested in sewing this pattern there are a couple more reviews on there to look at. 
Hope you’re all having a great weekend!
xo erin