Hi All!

You might notice that I have a new button in my side bar- and that is the Me-Made-May 2014 button! If you don’t already know Me-Made-May is a challenge hosted by Zoe of the blog sozowhatdoyouknow.blogspot.co.uk to wear as many of your home-made garments or items as you can during the month of May!

My pledge is to wear at least one homemade item every day of May (clothes, bags and jewelry all count). I’m so excited!!

As a little pre-challenge warm-up (since I have a month until the start date!) I thought I would show you my- mostly me-made outfit that I wore today!

Look at me rocking my Islander Sewing Jacket, a home-made infinity scarf with cats on it!, and a pair of simple black leggings that my mom made for me from the Jalie leggings pattern.

If you can’t tell from my pictures lately, I’ve been put on pet-sitting duty- I’m not sure if I’m just watching him really well or smothering him… 
So this is essentially what you can expect for the month of May!- I will be talking daily pictures and putting them up on the ‘Me-Made-May14’ pinterest board, and their flickr group as well!
And I was thinking that I would do weekly posts on here- re-capping my week’s worth out outfits!! I’m so excited! and I’m so happy it’s happening in May and I will be able to wear some of my warmer weather me-makes! 
So with that I will leave you a little teaser about my next two projects- since I am taking a short break from swimwear: 
One is a project working with this lovely knit on the left- which may or may not be from a very popular  japanese pattern book 😉
And the other project is a leather project, replicating a designer clutch that I’ve had my eye on- which I may or may not have pinned to my ‘Sewing Inspiration’ board on pinterest 😉
You will have to wait to see! But not too long I promise! 
Hope you are having lovely Wednesdays! And if you have already done Me-Made-May or are thinking of doing it- leave me a comment below and tell me about it! – especially if you have any tips on keeping your pledge! 
xo erin