Hi All,

I do realize it has been a while for Wellness Wednesday, but here I am -back at it- and what I wanted to share with you today is a super healthy lunch that I have been obsessed with lately!

I call this ‘The Bev Sandwich’ because when my parents went down to California to visit my aunt and uncle, my aunt Bev made this for my mom for breakfast- therefore it is now ‘the Bev Sandwich’.

I don’t eat this for breakfast- although you could and that would be great- but I have been eating it almost everyday for lunch! I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to think of healthy lunch ideas, because I’m not really a ‘leftovers for lunch’ kind of person, but I also don’t want a ton of bread or crackers, nor do I want something that is really time consuming, but I do want it to be super healthy- and this definitely fits the bill!

This recipe is remarkably simple, but I have never thought of it before.

Step 1: toast a piece of your favourite bread:

I like this stuff- it’s super healthy and the pieces are a little smaller, and just all around tasty- also a little bit firmer to stand up to the toppings.

Step 2: Spread 1/2 an avocado on the toast

Step 3: Top with 2 eggs, cooked however you like- I cook my eggs in the microwave with a bit of seasoning salt and chili sauce. (For 2 eggs I cook 45 seconds, stir, then another 45 seconds). I did mine with 4 eggs cause I was making one for my mom too!

Step 4: (optional) cover it with even more chili sauce mmmmmmm. I use this stuff.

Enjoy- this is super simple, but SUPER tasty full of protein and healthy fats, and it really keeps you going through the day!

Hope this helped you for some good lunch ideas- and that your Wednesday is full of  Wellness!

xo erin