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#MMMay14 Week 4 Round-Up!

May 27, 2014 | Other | 4 comments

Hi All!
Remember my last MMMay14 Round-Up, the one where I said that I was going to be more on top of this whole picture taking and uploading thing? I lied. Well, I suppose it is always better late than never! And here is my Week 4 Round-Up!

DAY 18

This was the Sunday of our May long-weekend ‘Victoria Day Weekend’ or more commonly known as May-24 where I’m from. I went to a party with my sister that day and I wore this bracelet!

I made this one over the winter when I was really getting into working with chains, and I did all the charms with little chain loops to frame them! love it!

DAY 19

This was the holiday Monday and I spent it lounging around in this dress.

You may recognize this fabric from my first outfit round-up- This dress is the most comfy thing to wear- I made it ages ago and it’s my ‘around the house dress’. It’s out of a stretch jersey and it is literally a rectangle that has a slit in the front, gathers on the shoulder and a tie around the waist, I didn’t even finish any of the edges.

DAY 20

Tuesday was back to work- and I thought my Drape Drape top was a good choice! comfy but interesting!

Yay for multi-colour pussy willows!

DAY 21

Day 21’s look was something I dragged from the back of my closet- this is a vest I made in high-school from a BurdaStyle magazine. just a cute little vest.

And I had to include this picture because mom and I nearly peed ourselves laughing at it. It just goes to show, even dogs have their un-photogenic moments!

DAY 22

Now for day 22 I got back into my bags! This one is a favourite and I take it everywhere- it holds so much! with a nice big pocket across the front too! This was a self-drafted pattern.

It even holds Finn!

DAY 23

On Friday I thought I would pull out this top that I made back in November, modified from a BurdaStyle pattern. I love this loose-fit chic, and I’m still in love with my decision to add the front pocket!

DAY 24

And last but not least- more jewelry- specifically these earrings!

They matched my dress so well!

And that was my round-up!

I can’t believe this month has gone by SO FAST! This Saturday will be my final MMMay14 post- and I promise this one will come out on Saturday!

Hope you are all doing well with your pledges, I know that I’ve been struggling quite a bit, with my new job and trying to coordinate everything, so sometimes I don’t always wear my me-mades for the whole day, or plan them out very well- but I do find that I’m remembering them all more and getting more use out of them.

I ‘ve found that a gap in my me-made wardrobe is simple light tops and summer dresses. Also I would like another light jacket because I have been living in my denim Islander Sewing one and as much as I love it, variety is always great! How are you doing with your pledge? have you found any gaps in your me-made wardrobe?

Let me know in a comment!

xo erin


  1. lagrancostanza

    I love all your jewelry, it's very pretty!

    I've found that I need more casual separates. I've been feeling somewhat overdressed on a lot of these MMMay days … not that that's a bad thing, but I could use some simple shorts and tops!

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks! I can totally relate- casual separates are a must! I think I will be putting some simple shorts to the top of my list for summer!

  2. sheiswriting

    So pretty! I fell off the picture taking wagon too, btw day 19 dress, where did you get that fabric!!

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks! isn't it hard to remember pictures everyday! That fabric was a random score from Fabricland years ago- I wish I had more of it!


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