Hi All!

I have something new and exciting for my blog! A light box!

You know those amazing, bright, no-shadow, cool background pictures that you see on other blogs? Well I can do that too!!

I got the idea from my friend Claire, who asked me how I took my pictures for my blog (the answer is randomly and always praying for mid-day sun) and she told me about light boxes, and shared a link with me to a post over on Never Homemaker  where they have a tutorial for making a cheap light box.

So I thought- well that might be nice for some blog photos- because I find the pictures I’m often most disappointed with are my Supper Sunday pics- because I don’t make the dinners just to blog, I make them for my family or me to eat- so generally that means that the final plate of food is prepared around 6-7 which is definitely not the greatest lighting conditions. – since I have finally gotten over the awkwardness of taking pictures of my plate while family and friends happily devour their plates around me, I figured it won’t be too much of a stretch to get up and take my plate over to a light box and snap some pics lol.

This was one of the fastest and easiest projects ever- they go into more detail and have a great tutorial over on Never Homemaker so I won’t steal their thunder- just show how mine turned out!

So from this picture you can see that I took a large box- mine was 20X22 and you cut the top flaps off, and cut squares out of three of the sides (leaving a 2 inch border for structure) and cover them with a very thin fabric (I used a super thin cotton but you could also use tissue paper)- this is to diffuse the light.

The above picture is of the box upside-down (because the fabric panels are on the top and sides of the box) and I’m glueing a strip of velcro down to the top of the back of the box, so that i can attach different backgrounds of the inside.

For my first background to experiment with, I just used the same thin white cotton and I put two pieces of velcro to stick them inside to the strip I had placed.

This is with the box upright and the back closed up- and I’m attaching the white background.

 For lights I just bought three of these desk lamps on sale for around $10. Two of them have a stand and one of them has a clamp.

And some bright lightbulbs

Then to make the set up I had the two stand lights on either side, and I clamped the clamp light onto the back of a kitchen chair, shining it down from above. And voila! light box!

Does it ever take some beautiful pictures! This was some lily of the valley that mom picked from the garden earlier today!

And I thought I’d show you my new ring. I got it from a local jeweler Bruinix Jewellers, they had a pinterest contest around Christmas where you could win $100 towards their jewelry and I won! They have some amazing estate jewelry and I waited until I found just the perfect thing and it was this vintage ring!

I’m absolutely in love with it!

There are some limitations I am finding to the light box, like you can get some great shots, but since they aren’t HUGE you will have to crop your pictures- like this picture:

But wow it really makes a difference!

and of course Finn came over to see what all the fuss was about, and since the box was getting so much attention I think he figured that if he sat in the box he would get the attention too 🙂

Well that has been my very successful light box project! You can expect lots of pictures shot in this! I’m already thinking of all the different background I could use just a 22X40 rectangle with velcro at the top- the possibilities are endless! I will let you know of any light box progress!

Do you already use a light box? Do you have any picture taking tips- or were you like me always waiting for the best light? Let me know in a comment!

Now if only I had one big enough to take my #MMMay14 pictures in!

xo erin