Hi All,

Since I’ve been spending all my time on bra-making these past weeks, I’ve been thinking more about quick dinners and the dinners that I make when I’m a little short on time and still want something tasty and healthy. I think this is one of my main go-to meals just for that- Fajitas.

These are pretty simple and can include pretty much any recipe variation possible. The real trick to this is pre-making a good spice mix for the meat- then all you have to do is cook, sprinkle and serve! This is enough to serve 4 people.


1 1/2 lbs of ground pork
1 medium onion, chopped
1 tsp of salt (or to taste)

Italian Sausage Spice

4 tsp each ground black pepper & dried parsley
1 tsp each dried basil & marjoram & oregano
1/2 tsp dried sage
2 tsp each garlic powder & paprika & dried minced onion
3/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
3 tsp crushed anise seeds

(this would be enough for around 2 fajita nights, depending on how many mouths you’re feeding, but I usually quadruple this and put it in a big spice jar so I can use it whenever I want. Also I don’t add salt to my spice mix because it will fall to the bottom, so I add my salt separately)

Once you have your spice mixed, throw the onion and ground pork into a frying pan and cook on high heat, breaking it up as it cooks.

When it is cooked through, add the spices and the salt and cook for a little longer until it is fully incorporated and browned.

Then after you have the meat cooked, it’s all about assembling other ingredients that you have around- I like to include:

My homemade hummus, some salsa, and some cottage cheese (or shredded cheese if you rather- I just love cottage cheese)

Some chopped peppers and onions, and a little mashed avocado are also wonderful additions

Then put it on your favourite tortillas- I like the small whole wheat ones. And if you are anything like me, you will fill it so full that it is a delicious disaster waiting to happen.

MMMMmmm this is definitely a favourite, also something that I probably eat almost every week when I’m at home.

A good and even easier alternative to the pork is to fry leftover chicken with a bunch of chili powder- that is super tasty- another good addition is black beans fried with onions and chili sauce. As I said before there are pretty much endless options and variations for this- all very delicious!

 Hope you’re having a Super Sunday!

xo erin