Hi All!

Today’s Throwback Thursday is one of my first successful projects- and my first vintage pattern make!

I made this dress when I was 16, so almost seven years ago now *cries silently*, and this is a picture of me wearing it when I just turned 18.

 (There must have been something interesting up there. lol)

This is the pattern I used for this dress, Simplicity 5040

I think what really drew me to this pattern was the ‘Tall’ size (which I now know you can lengthen any pattern), but I was still concerned that at 5′ 11″ tall might not cut it. – but it did 🙂

This was a really great beginner project for me- so rewarding! I picked out this printed cotton from Fabricland and it was perfect- with the flowers on the bottom and using the white for the top!

The modifications I made to the pattern were all about making it easier- I shortened the skirt a little (so I would have enough of the solid white for the top. And I also omitted the sleeves and did a simple binding on the arm holes.

I remember looking at the sleeve pattern piece and thinking “no way – not going to attempt that” but I actually like the sleeveless version I made better 🙂

And the super adorable little pocket that has absolutely no practical functioning whatsoever.

I was also too afraid to attempt buttonholes, and I didn’t really have any buttons that I liked, so I would always just pin it together at the top and wear that yellow belt around the middle! It worked lol.

I’m still so in love with the print I picked out all those years ago, so summery!

I didn’t even have to hem it, I just used the edge of the fabric! 

Slightly weird photo, but I only have 3 photos of me in this dress so I thought I would include it. lol check out those jelly shoes!

I remember wearing this to highschool all the time- and I did not live in some really trendy city where that could have been normal- I lived in a small town where everyone wore ripped jeans and Hollister hoodies- people just thought I was eccentric- they got used to me after many years of my original fashion choices.

Were you an ‘eccentric’ dresser in highschool? or did you prefer to blend in with the crowd?

Also what was your first vintage sewing project?, or first sewing project of any kind?

Let me know in the comments!

Hope you’re all having a nostalgic Thursday!

xo erin