Hi All!
It’s the end of #MMMay14, I can’t believe just how fast this month went by! I think I want to make this a bit of a staple, maybe not outfits everyday but perhaps a me-made outfit of the week- My-Look Monday? maybe 🙂 
on with the looks!

DAY 25

On Sunday I wore this bracelet I made last January- I love this bracelet, I don’t know why since I don’t like spiders, but I guess making one of my fears into something beautiful is kind of cool.

DAY 26
Monday was a day of travel back to Hamilton to pick up some at-home-work while Bev is away in Saskatchewan teaching, and then back home again. I found this bag pretty handy. This was a mom-make, just a nice over the shoulder bag, it fits a lot! I think she drafted this one herself. 

DAY 27

Tuesday was a down day where I didn’t leave home, so no make-up, leggings and a random top. This one I didn’t make, but I did all the applique all over the front- it says ‘I love my BIG sister Kristie’, and has references to all of our inside jokes and fun times all over it. Naturally she has a matching one 🙂

DAY 28

On Wednesday I went out to lunch with a friend and I wore this necklace that I made.

It has a cardstock back and I made all the flowers from random bits of ribbon, fabric and felt, adding beads and buttons- then I put two little loops on the back where I attached a chain. This was a really fun project to work on while watching TV- all hand sewing and just placing them all together- and I think it came out super pretty!

DAY 29

This is a shirt I just made from the Spring American BurdaStyle Magazine. It ‘s a knit top with princess seams and little cap sleeves- I love it! And this one is included in the pattern insert.

I love how the sleeves meet up with the side panel.

DAY 30

Day 30 was a hat day. As you can see this hat is made from the same fabric as the bag on day 26. I made this hat ages ago, and it was from a free online pattern but I can’t remember where I found it now, if I find it I will link it! It just a cute little brimmed hat!

DAY 31

And finally day 31. It was warm today! so I wore this top, which is also from the Spring, American BurdaStyle Magazine, included in the pattern insert. Mom made this one, we each chose a top and mine was the day 29 top, and she chose this draped-neck top, so breezy for the summer!

And that was my Me-Made-May 2014. Reviewing this month I have found there are a few gaps in my me-made wardrobe.

Firstly, I live most of my life in comfy house clothes, so I need more casual tops and sweatpants that I can wear for my real at-home life.

Next I need more bottoms,- more skirts, more shorts, more pants, and even more dresses. I feel like most of what I wore this month was dressing the top half of my body- and I need more things for the lower half.

And I would say lastly I need to make another light jacket- I didn’t include it in the pictures but I wore my islander jacket LOADS this month! So I need another light-weight jacket to mix things up!

If you didn’t see my past posts, here are links to: week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4 of MMMay14

How did you all do on your Me-Made-May, any sewing revelations or new goals for the summer?

xo erin