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My New Ombre Hair!

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Other | 10 comments

Hi All!

So as promised here is my new hair! Blonde Ombre!

It’s not quite as dramatic as some of you might have expected from this sneak peak I put out on Monday. :p

I didn’t go the full blonde! – Just the tips!

I have always really liked the look of ombre or dip/dyed hair, if you remember back in January I did purple manic panic (semi-permanent) dye on the ends of my hair, which was a little disappointing since it didn’t really show up in my dark hair, washed out within 3 washes and dyed pretty much everything around me purple…

So then I got thinking that if I wanted to do a colour on the bottom I would have to bleach my hair first, which lead me to thinking about what blonde would look like on the bottom. I also pulled some inspiration from one of my favourite YouTube stars Zoella– who may or may not be the cutest human ever with some of the coolest hair ever.

And figured I would try this myself!

So how did I do this?

Well first I dyed my hair from about my collar bone down with this light ash-blonde hair dye

Which turned my hair a light brown colour- To do this I put my hair into sections with these little clear elastics so that it wouldn’t get everywhere.

This picture is before the second round of hair dye, you can see the line from the previous colour a few inches above where the elastics are set for the second colour.

Then I put the second lighter hair dye in (it was the lightest you can go – which is what my sister uses for her whole head) but I didn’t leave it until it was white, I took it out while it was still a more golden blonde.

Then Voila! you have ombre hair, I suppose you could do this with as many steps as you want, these two steps were enough for me, and I think that it looks pretty nicely blended, although you might want it more blended if you have pin-straight hair, or else it might look like horizontal stripes.

This was some of the best light for pictures- I find in bright sunlight it gets washed out in the pictures (but even more noticeable in real life…?)

And I love how it looks when I have it up in a hair elastic! Because I tend to wear my hair up a lot, since super long hair is not always the most convenient thing.
So it was pretty perfect for me, since I’m a total wimp and wanted to be able to just cut off the dyed part if I didn’t like it-  I feel like this will be sticking around for a long while! I feel a bit more stylish now 🙂 
Do you guys have any great experience with hair dye? I do my mom and sister’s hair all the time, but this was my first permanent hair dye venture and I have to say I’m pretty pleased! 🙂
Hope you all have a great weekend!
xo erin


  1. Erika A

    I love it!! I haaaated ombre hair when it first came out but it's been really growing on me. Yours is super cute and subtle and looks amazing up in that ponytail!

    Now off to search Pinterest for red ombre hair!

    • EmeraldErin

      Aww thanks- I've been LOVING it – and omg make sure you do a post if you do red ombre hair because that would be GORGEOUS!!

  2. Linda

    Love it Erin! I was chatting with my colourist, who told me the way they do it in the "industry" to avoid the horizontal stripe , is to tease the bottom of the hair. They, then do the colour on the teased portion which would have varied lengths. It sounds kind of complicated, and a bit risky , but if you had an accomplice, might work out OK.

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks!! Maybe if I do a touch up I'll give the teasing method a try. It doesn't matter as much when I leave my hair curly but when I have it more straight it does look a bit striped. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Looks great! I love ombre and am so happy it was a trend that found staying power. Anyways, fun look for summer 🙂

    – Claire

    • EmeraldErin

      I've really been loving it! and so happy I've finally done something a little different with my hair. You'll have to see it in person soon!! 🙂

  4. corina

    It looks great and for the summer its lovely.

    Have a nice sunday.

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Corina!! Hope you're having a nice Sunday too!

  5. Catherine Ward

    You look absolutely gorgeous with that ombre. The blond curls accentuated at the tips framed your face perfectly. You did an amazing job in dying them all by yourself. Just don't forget that an ombre needs a bit more maintenance than a full dyed hair. Stay beautiful, Erin!

    Catherine Ward @ Cameron's Salon

  6. EmeraldErin

    Thanks so much Catherine!! and I will keep the maintenance in mind 🙂


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