Hi All,

It occurred to me this Sunday that so many of my dinners in the past I say “and serve with a nice side salad”, but I’ve never talked about what salad I serve. I actually eat salad almost every night, and it isn’t always the same salad- there are slight variations on it and that mixes it up enough for me.

I also find that a lot of people don’t like making salad regularly because it takes a lot of time to chop up all the veggies- so I have a way to cut down on time too!

What I do to cut down on time is to make 2-3 days worth of salad all at once, then store it in the fridge for the next days to come. On the left is salad for the night, and in the tupperware is salad for the next night! It takes almost no extra time to make double the salad once you already have everything out!

– Now it is important to note that I do not complete the salad -dressing and all- it is more of a ‘base salad’ that I store for the next day- no additions. Then it doesn’t get soggy and you can mix it up the next day. The base salad I go for has a mix of kale, spinach and romaine lettuce, and sometimes radishes and carrots.

Mom and dad’s favourite salad is this one: it has sheep’s feta, cranberries, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds (with the carrot and radish)

They eat this salad all the time, and I get bored of things really quick, so I made up my own separate very simple salad with radish, poppy seeds

And we use different dressings too- mom and dad like Renee’s caesar vinaigrette and I like to mix this raspberry balsamic vinegar with basil olive-oil! mmmm

Then you can have all different salads every night without all the hassle of making a salad every night! Tonight the salad went with stuffed pork tenderloin (recipe here), coconut nutmeg sweet-potato (recipe here) and some fresh local asparagus fried with a bit of garlic!

So now you know a bit more of what I’m talking about when I say “and you could serve this with a nice side salad” in all of my Supper Sunday posts! Here is another picture of my dinner, only because I’m obsessed with my new light box!!

Hope you are all having a delicious Sunday!

xo erin