Hi All,

I won’t waste time talking about my hiatus through July, other than to say that I’ve been working on a very exciting project – hint hint!!

But today I have a special supper Sunday – a supper from the garden- my mom’s garden that has been amazing this summer!

Mom has been growing an amazing garden this year under the guidance of her friend Annette at her huge property.
So with all of the fresh produce we made a lovely seasonal dinner- BBQ chicken thighs (simply done with some montreal chicken spice) Sliced tomatoes with homemade basil pesto all from the garden, grilled garden zucchini, string beans from the garden and some local new potatoes!

So much fresh garden goodness

Here is a good look at the garden!

It’s HUGE! –

 Mom happily picking her kale 🙂

These lovely edible flowers, that taste like radishes, and cabbages half the size of me


More garden goodness!

And Annette keeps some animals too! 

George the rabbit!

Finn wanted in to see the bunnies!

A hen with her chicks!

Finn looking at the teenager bunnies.

Holding baby bunnies- definitely a highlight of my day! – with Annette 🙂

And just a couple more pictures because they’re gorgeous and I can’t get enough lol! 

All resulting in such a lovely summer dinner!

I hope you’re having a spectacular Sunday- and eating lots of seasonal foods! 
xo erin