Hi All!

Today I have a guest post from my sister- who made some Crabapple Liqueur!!

I first tried this liqueur at the farm (Mom’s friend’s farm
where she keeps her garden) not sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a
sweet-tart treat! I couldn’t believe it was 20% alcohol, so be careful. This
can be drank in a shot glass or mixed with club soda to lighten it up.
So, I had to make it myself – here’s how it went:
Crabapple Liqueur 
5 lbs
crab apples (quartered)
3 cups Vodka
4 cups sugar
1 large jar
Our crab apples were picked at a park downtown, so they were
all free! They can actually be eaten on their own too.

First, I cut up the apples and stuffed them into the jar.
After the apples fill the jar, pour the sugar over top. It
tends to get stuck so you have to shake it around to get it to settle. I tried
pouring the vodka in with it to get the sugar to dissolve.
To get these ingredients in, I had to be creative with the
top of a water bottle to funnel everything in. Only one overflow incident, so
you have to be patient with the sugar!

Once all the ingredients are in, put the lid on and lay it
on a towel. The jar will remain here for the next 16 days. Turn the jar one
quarter turn everyday, so there will be 4 full rotations by the end of the 16
days. Don’t worry if the sugar is not dissolved right away, it will slowly
dissolve over the first week. 
The liquid will turn a pink colour.

At the end of the 16 days, strain the mix to get all the
juices out of the apples. It should make roughly two 1L bottles of sweet-tart
crab apple liqueur!

mmmmm! – such a treat!
Thanks so much to my sister Kristie for guest posting! If you don’t already know my sister – she is the amazing artist who did my banner above, and she has a wonderful blog where she posts about her art!
Hope you’re all having a very tipsy Tuesday!
xo erin