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Craftsy, Moving & New Haircut : My Crazy-Busy Summer 🙂

Sep 21, 2014 | Other | 6 comments

Hi All,

Things really do seem to all become busy at once- and I think I can say with confidence that this was the busiest summer I’ve ever had – which unfortunately has been a little hard on my blog… but I thought to hopefully get back in the swing of posting more, I would tell you about all the things keeping me busy this summer!

Firstly I’ve been insanely busy with work (at Bra-makers Supply)- which always means amazing and exciting projects! 
One really exciting project that I can announce (and that took all of my time and sanity in July!) is a Craftsy course that is launching this Tuesday! And that there is a GIVEAWAY FOR!!
‘Sewing Bras: Construction and Fit’  is a bra-making course with my boss, the Fairy Bra Mother: Beverly Johnson, and I am so proud to say that I helped to organize the class and put it all together! And some of the bras that will be showing on film are my personal bras that you might recognize from my blog! How cool is that! 

I can also tell you that an extreme amount of preparation and care went into making this class and that it really is an AMAZING online class for all those aspiring bra-makers who can’t make the trek to Hamilton for the real-life bra course! 
Besides working with Craftsy, I’ve also been helping to design two new swimwear patterns for the Pin-Up Girls line, and they are really fantastic!- As soon as they are out I will do a post on them and show some of the samples! 
But possibly more exciting is that- I will be sitting in on a series of courses at Bra-Makers this fall, so you can expect lots of classroom posts, new projects and sewing tips for the next 9 weeks!! I am so excited and so ready to learn everything about bra-making- and also excited to share it all with you 🙂 
But besides work- another exciting thing that happened this summer was my moving to Hamilton! – I just couldn’t be that far away from Bra-Makers anymore!

I am loving Hamilton so far! 🙂 I moved into a house with two lovely girls around my age and we are having endless fun!!

(pina coladas! yes please!)

I also gained this lovely little house kitty : Binx Noir, who as taken up semi-permanent residence on my bed

One of my housemates, Carolyne, is a very accomplished hair stylist, so when she heard that I have not been to a hairdresser since I was 12, she took it as her personal mission to change my mind about cutting my own hair!

 (mandatory selfie after a haircut!)

She chopped off a good 5-6 inches and all of the extra-dead, extra-dry blonde hair that I self dyed for my ombre look. I have to say I really love it! It is so fresh and healthy looking now! 🙂

Besides moving, craftsy, swimwear designing, hanging out with my new housemates, and generally running everywhere- I’ve also been visiting home and spending lots of time with friends and family!
Taking the Finnabon to the beach! 
Playing in waterfalls!
           Doing some jewelry making with my sister, and crabapple liqueur drinking with my mom 
And catching up on some YouTube with my favourite puppy 🙂 
It has been an exhausting but amazing summer- and this fall is shaping up to be much of the same, and I will try my hardest to keep you all up to date on everything that is happening! I can promise that there will be a post on a corset project very soon, as well as an outing post about going to see a play- and perhaps a post about some of the amazing jewelry my sister has been making this summer!
Have you been having a crazy summer too? Tell me about it!  
xo erin


  1. Lyndle

    Congratulations on the move! It sounds like you're in a great place. And I am so looking forward to the Craftsy course! It should give me courage to try the pattern I won in your generous giveaway. So glad you're enjoying the job so much. The haircut is great,too!

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks so much!! The craftsy class is amazing! it will be well worth it, and you shouldn't have any doubts about making your bra after you watch the course, it covers everything!!

  2. Alessa

    Kitties, bra-making and a move! Sounds like you had an exciting summer. 🙂 I have the feeling that I've been crazy busy pretty much since starting a real job in January… 😉

    • EmeraldErin

      Congrats on getting a job in January! I hope you've had time to do some fun things too! 🙂

  3. Erika A

    It sounds like a whirlwind of a summer, but wonderful!

    • EmeraldErin

      It really has been! And don't worry- I haven't forgotten about that blogging award thing- I will do a post soon! as soon as I get a minute lol 🙂


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