My Finished Corset + a Boudoir Photoshoot!

Hi All!

So the big reveal! My corset!

 I wanted to split my corset posts into these two posts because: 1. there was WAY too much information on making the corset for one post, and 2. Because I wanted to highlight my friend who is an up-and-coming boudoir photographer, who took these pics for me! 

 Isn’t she amazing! What I love about her work is that it really highlights your natural body, – she isn’t going to photoshop you to look 20 lbs lighter, she isn’t going to make you into something unrealistic and unachievable, she is just going to make you look realistically and healthily amazing! Not to mention artistic and beautiful!

The picture of my back and the lacings above is a good example- everybody gets a fold down their back when they wear a cinched corset- that is just what your skin does when you tighten it, and it would be such a lie and perpetuating false images to photoshop it out, and why? the natural body is so beautiful!

 (Her gorgeous digital business card!)

I jumped the gun a little on this post since I’ve only gotten those two photos back from her but I thought  I would include this pic too- a fitting room selfie- and I think it shows even more from this angle the true cinching power and silhouette of this corset!

I am SO pleased with this corset and it is surprisingly comfortable- It really makes a difference when a corset is made specifically for your body (which in my case is fairly long-waisted)- I don’t think I could wear it for an 8 hour day or eat very much in it- but it is really cool for pictures or for a night out!

I think I might just have to make another one! Maybe an under-bust for my second one- what do you think?

Have you done any corset making? what did you think?

I found that it was much easier than I thought it would be, and that it is more comfortable than I would have ever expected! so I would say that this was a really successful experience!

If you didn’t already read my last post about making this corset- you can read all about it here!

xo erin

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  • Anonymous

    Wow Erin! So beautiful! Also looks a wee bit too uncomfortable for me but man is that corset ever cool. Somehow I missed this post last time I checked your blog. Glad I did a little back trolling!


    • Reply

      Definitely not the most comfortable thing I've ever worn! But it is really cool for special occasions 🙂 I'll have to show you when I see you next! you need to see my new place!

  • Reply

    I love it! What kind of grommet tool does Beverly have, do you know? I have great success with her patterns, maybe a corset is next…if I can get past the grommet part. You look beautiful, great work!

    • Reply

      The grommets were actually a very easy part! She has a table top press that you can see in one of the pictures on the post right before this called 'corset making'. I'm not sure the actual brand or make, but I'm sure most of them would be the same, they are a little expensive to buy like that, I think you can also buy the tools to do it by hand. Just make sure that you use 2-piece grommets and not eyelets, so that they are smooth on the back against your skin! But I would highly recommend this pattern! Thanks for your comment!

  • Reply

    How cool is this?! What a great look it gives. I've never been in a corset and had no concept of how the skin folds in back like that. I could not imagine having to wear something like that daily like women did back in the day. But what a killer thing to wear out once in a while! Or for a special someone 🙂

  • Reply

    Stunning! The corset and the photo!

  • Reply

    Wow that is amazing! Great work.

  • Anonymous

    I love the corset !! Your friend took great pictures!! It's nice to hear she doesn't photo shop it into something that isn't real. These days that's very rare. Tell her to keep up the good work. Your gorgeous creations are a perfect subject.

  • Reply

    Gorgeous pics! And you suit a flower in your hair 🙂
    This corset looks really great. I like the fabric you chose. That's an amazing silhouette to still be comfortable. Did you have a dress in mind when you made it?

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