Hi All!

Can you believe that it’s 2015?! How crazy is that!

This year I have one main resolution- and it is pretty specific:

I want to make one bra every week.

Now, in the hopes of actually achieving this, I have thought this out a little more.

FIRSTLY: I will only be committing to this for the first 3 months January to March.

 After which I will decided if I was crazy or if I can keep going with it! Bras will be due on every Saturday and posted every Sunday- starting with January 17th/18th

SECONDLY:  The bras in these first three months will be for me!

 I am so tired of not having many of my own self-made bras! After making myself 4 bras in boobcamp last May, I promptly lost quite a bit of weight- meaning that they don’t fit properly anymore. I’m asked all the time if I made the bra I’m wearing- and I always have to sigh and say *no, not this one* – but NO MORE!!
THIRDLY: I’m not doing it alone!
Friends that I have met through courses at Bra-maker’s have agreed to join me- so you may be seeing projects from my friends from Bra-maker’s. My mom also might join me for some weeks- so you will get to see all their projects too!
Most importantly, I would love if any of you have any bra-making ambitions to join in too! All you have to do is make a bra- send me some pics and a short description on any Saturday and I would love to feature it in my post! (along with any links to your sites of course!) You don’t have to do one every week to join- you can make whatever goal suits you! 
All entries to be sent to: bra.a.week@gmail.com

I’ve already started sketching out and planning my bras in my inspiration book!

I also wanted to say that the challenge is more open than just a simple bra- it could be a bralette, it could be a bathing suit with a bra in it, it could be a body suit!

I’m planning two bathing suit tops since I’m going on a California vacation this February in the middle of the challenge!

So excited for my mermaid bottoms!

Bonus points for creativity, for matching panties, and for anything out of your comfort zone!

I am somewhere between excited and scared for this challenge- and I’m really hoping that some of you join me for this- whether it’s coming back every week to check out my progress- or submitting your own bra-makes!

Yay for 2015!!

xo erin