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Tipsy Tuesday DIY: Using Old Corks

Jan 7, 2015 | Tutorials | 5 comments

Hi All!
Today I have a really simple and quick Tipsy Tuesday DIY!
If you are anything like my family and wine- you may also have a stash of corks somewhere in your house. If you are one of those people who doesn’t hoard everything and throws your corks away after the wine is gone- then you might consider keeping them after this post!

This is one of the most simple DIY  projects I have ever done – All you need are corks, a hot glue gun- and some type of surface that you want to make into a pin-board.

In my case this was a little over-counter light self that my dad made for my kitchen in my new apartment! I thought that it was the perfect place to pin up recipes while I make them!



You’ll notice that the before and under construction photos are all in night lighting, and that’s because I did this project with my mom on New Year’s Eve! Since we were spending NYE in we thought we’d get crafty with a simple quick project- and this was perfect!

You can definitely figure out your favourite wines doing this- Sandbanks Baco Noir anyone?

If you find, like me, that you don’t have an area that is the exact length of your corks, and you are left with space, you can always cut your corks in half and put them the other way. This cork is from Thatcher winery in California – and they have a cricket printed on the inside end of their wine cork- it really adds colour being stained from the wine! it’s so cute 🙂

I found it easiest to cut my corks with a little hand saw 🙂

A simple 15 minute project- and now I have the perfect place to pin my recipes! And a place to look up and remember many good bottles of wine 🙂

What do you do with your leftover wine corks?

xo erin


  1. Beverly Johnson

    What a wonderful and creative addition to your kitchen. And practical too!
    You girls sure know how to party on NYE!

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks! We do know how to have a crafty party 🙂

  2. kaitspoetry

    This is fantastic! I have about 500 corks, and although I've made a full cork board, I love this idea for adding "pin" space all over the house where there may not be room for a large (and time-consuming-to-make) bulletin board.

    Thank you!!!!

    • EmeraldErin

      500 wow you have me beat! Can't wait to see everything you do with them!

  3. Merry

    It’s really wonderful. Instead of throwing wine cork ship them to CORKCLUB. I heard about this organisation they recycle wine corks to save our forest. It’s really very good step.


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