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Bra-A-Week: Week 5

Feb 15, 2015 | Bra Makes | 15 comments

Hi All!

Week 5!! And the day after Valentine’s Day too! (or as I prefer to call it, Single’s Awareness Day/National Cake Bingeing day) But even if you’re not celebrating this Valentine’s Day- who doesn’t love a pink/red bra! I went for the pink/ivory theme!

I LOVE this bra. It’s so pretty and comfortable! And it’s definitely more of a ‘Sweet Valentine’ to last week’s 50 Shades of Grey!

I made this bra with pre-formed foam cups, covered in a very flimsy ivory knit, with pink lace draped over the bottom of the cups.

I used the same stretch lace on the band, lined with white sheer cup lining in the front (a no-stretch sheer knit) and white powernet in the back. I also used a 3X3 hook and eye in the back, and made it a straight top- so the straps are attached to the band on the inside at the back.

For the front band I did a lace ‘gothic arch’ style where it comes up  to a point in the front between the cups. Then of course I had to decorate with these pink bows 🙂 so pretty!

(my bow is askew!!lol)

From my inspiration photo!! I love when my sketches come to life!

I have to say that I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship when it comes to foam, especially pre-formed cups, because they are ‘generic’ and not a completely natural breast shape. But after wearing this bra for a while I have to admit my love for them.

With fabric bras I find it is always such a delicate balance to get a good fit; between too loose and wrinkling and too tight and compressing. Since I have self-supporting breasts and they don’t really ‘fall’ into a cup or mould to the cup shape very well, you have to fit them perfectly, and even then, if I slouch, or raise my arms my breasts will shift in the cup- which can sometimes mean wrinkles, or pointedness in the cup. To avoid any of that, I would have to make the cup tight enough that I don’t move- compressing the breasts, which is not particularly flattering – and also not particularly comfortable. With foam, I find I can loosen off the band a bit, and let the foam hold the shape instead of my breast- and if I raise my arms, or shift around, then the shape is there waiting for me to sit back into. Now perhaps this is a little more ‘false’ of a look, but in my humble opinion- that is totally acceptable- Victoria is allowed to have her secrets and so will I!!

That being said, I am working on some cut&sew foam bras in the coming weeks, that will have a more ‘Erin specific’ shape than a generic pre-formed cup so maybe that will be a bit better compromise!

Does anyone else have this issue? or find that foam is a better alternative for them?

I just realize that, as pretty as they are, when I go to get dressed in the morning, I never reach for my fabric underwired bras. So in the future, and in the interest of making myself a bra-wardrobe that I will love to wear on an every-day basis, you will be seeing a lot more foam (pre formed and cut&sew)! and bralettes- I’m loving my bralette!

I’m so excited to wear this one! I’m sure I’ll get an order for one from my sister too!


And here are your lovely submission!!

First we have this gorgeous set from Michelle of Michelle’s Creations

She made this bra from the Pin-Up Girls ‘Shelley’ pattern in beige with this gorgeous lace.

She made two pair of matching panties to go with the set! so smart!!

She also used a little Hotfix to adhere these little gems to the front! how gorgeous is that! Love it! You can check out her post on this set!

Next we have a very daring set from Kerri of Lady K’s Wardrobe Unlocked

Kerri made this super-sexy teddy and matching crotchless panties! Loving the leather-look cup! She got the inspiration from this set, and I think she nailed it!

This definitely meets the 50 Shades of Grey Valentine’s ideal! And it’s really great that Kerri is all about making larger cups and fuller figure sizes- and not just in beige!

Next we have a super cute sports bra from Jodi of Threads by Jodi

Jodi made this sport bra with black duoplex, black powernet and an orangish-red spandex for binding.

The back has a hook and eye closure (I’m sure that makes it a lot more graceful to get on and off lol!) I’m loving this colour combo- it’s very winter workout! Makes me feel like I should get to the gym instead of bingeing on cake and netflix this Valentine’s…

Next we have another stunner from Karin of Mrs.Weaver’s Finest Unmentionables

Karin calls this her ’50 Shades of Paisley’ bra! She made it with this gorgeous grey paisley remanent that she found on sale in her local fabric shop- it was fate!

I love how she added the ribbon detail across the top cup- it really brings it all together! Check out her post on her bra for more info!

And don’t forget Karin is writing a ‘Meet the Maker’s’ post on her blog, about everyone contributing this challenge! So if you would like to be a part of that, don’t forget to shoot her an email at

mrsweaver (at) mrsweaversfinest (dot) com

Next we have a very pretty Valentine’s bra from Linda of Uplift Custom Bras

Linda made this bra with pink duplex and pretty pink lace with hearts. I love how it looks like the hearts are falling down the bridge- super cute for Valentine’s day!

Next we have an awesome push-up bra from Diana of Diana Lingerie Design

How cute is this! I love the design and the fabric! It’s a three piece cup, with a low front and some padding in the cups for shaping to to help with the push-up effect.

This is really gorgeous! Diana did a post about this bra with all the info on her blog, and she also did a pictorial on google plus!


Next we have a very Valentine’s bra from Mary Gottelmann

Mary made this bold Valentine’s bra with red spandex covered with a 4″ black lace, and red spandex with non-stretch mesh for the back band (which luckily worked out to be not too tight around!) Very lovely for Valentine’s! geomar99(at)gmail(dot)com
Next we have a very interesting bra from David Pólrolniczak

This is his ‘Oriane’ lace, front fastening bra with a ‘V’ back elastic. The lace on the back of the bra is inspired by the sea, and the lace on the front cups is inspired by the summer. What a lovely combination for this pretty bra!


David is a freelance lingerie designer, label: Bonnet Blue

dpolrolniczak (at) wp (dot) pl

Next we have three lovely Watsons from Joanna of Live, Laugh and Sew

Joanna has definitely been a busy bee and has gone a little Watson crazy!

I’m loving all the colour combinations and trims! They really make the bra come together!

I can definitely tell that this is a tried-and-true pattern for Joanna! Don’t forget to check out her blog for more info about her bras!

Next we have a super-sweet Valentine’s bodysuit from Ginny!

Wow this bodysuit is so sweet it’s giving me a toothache!  She made this with a pink with red-hearts nylon spandex, with ruffles and bows for good measure!

She said that the layers were a little slippery to sew with, but it looks like she did a fantastic job to me! Super duper cute!


Next we have a very sexy bra from France of Bra-maker’s Supply

France made this beautiful bra with black lace, a fuchsia stretch satin powerbar and back band, and all fuchsia findings! love the colour combo!

France used a basic bra-pattern that I drafted for her, and modified it into this gorgeous style!

It took a bit of work to figure out her draft (she has a larger wire and breast base, with a smaller cup depth) but once we figured out her basic pattern the sky is the limit! Yay for drafting experience!


And last but not least we have a bra that I fit for a wonderful woman named Lindi

Lindi is a friend of France, who came in for a fitting! After I made several adjustments to her pattern, and France made this first test bra, we were all so happy when it fit perfectly! So perfectly that we attached a bow, and she wore it out of the store!! Yay for fitting success!!


I am loving all your submissions this week!! And all the Valentine’s themed makes! I hope you’re all having a great Valentine’s Weekend!

As always- don’t forget to check out the Pinterest board, and the Flickr Group if you enjoy those platforms! To grab a challenge button and to send your bra for next week to!!

You can also check out Week 1Week 2 , Week 3  and Week 4 of this challenge for more amazing bras!

Send your bras any time of the week before the Sunday post (Monday-Saturday) and I will add them into the challenge next week!

Thanks again for all your submissions, you’re all amazing!!

Until next Sunday!!

xo erin


  1. Nothy Lane

    Beautiful work Erin. I have to get down to that Bramaker's class – it has been on my to-do list forever!

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks!! You definitely should- bra-making is the best! 🙂

  2. Diana Nuland van

    Lovely bra's and bodysuits!
    (My challange for week 6 is already finished. 🙂

    • EmeraldErin

      Yay! I can't wait to see it!

  3. Amy

    I also have a like/dislike relationship with pre-molded foam but they totally have a place in my bra wardrobe for a lot of the same reasons you mention. Unfortunately in RTW the bands are always too big on me!

    Lovely bras all around, everyone!

    • EmeraldErin

      You'll just have to make your own pre-molded cup bras! 🙂

  4. eforshopping

    Erin, your bra is so beautiful! It is such an inspiration to see what others are making. So many times I think, Oh, I want to do something like that. Thank you for that.

    As for the foam, I'm going to try some cut & sew foam because the pre-shaped foam cups do not fit me. I'm just the opposite of France – an Omega shape. I look forward to next week's post when I can see your cut & sew.


    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Michelle! It is so inspiring 🙂 And with bras there are so many personal fitting issues to tackle that it never gets boring! lol 🙂

  5. IlnaC

    Erin, this week's bra is beautiful and oh so pretty! I absolutely love it. And the body suit comes in a close second place. Everybody's bras are so beautiful. My Valentine's one was a complete failure, but I made some changes and might just get up the courage to submit it. This challenge is the most fun I had with sewing in a long time.

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Ilna! I'm excited to see your valentine's bra with adjustments- I'm sure it's great!! And I'm so happy to hear that you're having fun with this challenge, it's been such a blast!! 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    Wonderful post, I love everyones bras!!! I get inspired every time I read your blog 🙂
    Mary M

  7. Anna Kay

    Help! Where can I learn more about "larger breast base and smaller cup depth". I'm sure this is my daughter's "problem". She has asked me to sew for her also as it is almost impossible for her to find RTW bras that fit, but I am at a loss to know where to start. I live in France but will be in Ontario this Fall and had already informed DH that a visit to the Bra Makers Supply shop was a Must. Would the women at BMS be able to help? If so, what information would I need to bring? (Unfortunately, I can't bring my daughter :-).)

    • EmeraldErin

      Hi Anna!

      It can be a difficult problem, but don't be discouraged!! I actually learned a method of drafting for this breast-type on my own, not through BMS, and I don't think any of the women there would be able to help you with it, especially since I don't work there anymore. I'd be happy to work through it with you, either through e-mail, Skype or even in person if I'm not too far out of your way when you come this fall! (I'm in Belleville Ontario) Send me an email at !

  8. Geni M

    Hi Erin, I'm loving your blog and bra makes! How do you know what size preformed foam cups to buy?


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