Hi All!

Some of you might have noticed the little Me-Made-May 2015 badge over on my side bar meaning that I’m participating in Me-Made-May this year!! I did it last year and I totally loved it- so I thought that I would do it again!

My pledge this year is pretty similar to last year and it includes:

1. Wearing a different me-made item every day of May
2. Posting weekly round up- pictures on all the Fridays
3. Including all of the bras that I’ve made in my challenge! 🙂
And the most exciting of them all!!……..
4. Every Friday (except the first that I missed, oooops) I’m going to wear an item that I made from a new indie pattern!  


So here we go!! Here are the first 8 days of May!!


This fun little number is my bra from Week 11 of my Bra-A-Week Challenge! Yay for mirror selfies!


DAY 2 


I made this top last year, copying it off of a cheap tank-top I bought at the mall!

I like that it’s a high-low style, and goes well with the gold zippers on my pants.

On Day 3 I wore my Spring Bralette from Week 9!! It was so nice outside!
And I wore it under this lace-isn sheer top, so you could see all the colours showing through and the double strap on the shoulder!


A beach day!! and I wore this really pretty red, green and gold flower bracelet that I made 🙂 I love spring fashion!!


This was an on-the-go day! and I needed my handy, holds-everything, green bag- that is still chic enough for meetings!


Mom actually made me this bag a few years ago!



On day 6 I was feeling like wearing some pretty high-waisted underwear 🙂 These ones from my Coral Set from Week 1!!



Was a day for being around the house- and a hot day around the house! So I thought I’d just wear one of my bralettes 🙂 they are staples- this is my Canadian Winter Bralette from Week 3!



Me working away at my laptop in the summer-like heat!


And here I have my final day of the week round-up and my new indie pattern make of this week!! These are the Alexandria Peg Trousers from Named Clothing– and I’m absolutely in love with them! I’m just loving indie patterns right now! And this is the push I need to make some!



Perfect for a day at the beach! I’m going to be doing a post on the making of these tomorrow, and put up a pattern review as well! <3


Are you participating in Me-Made-May this year? How’s it going for you? What was your pledge?
I hope you are having an excellent start of May!!
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xo erin