Hi All!

You might have seen in my Me-Made-May Week 1 Round-up yesterday that I have some new pants! Specifically I have some new Alexandria Peg Trousers from Named Clothing.

I decided that in this year of Me-Made-May I would take some time to appreciate all of the amazing indie patterns out there- since I haven’t had a chance to make many yet- and I really love them! And I was looking through some indie pattern companies and I saw these pants- and I instantly knew what fabric they had to be made from, and that they would be mine!

They’re a pretty simple design, loose fit, pleats in the front, trouser style pockets, elastic waist; very comfy and very chic!

Now I have to admit up front- this is as far as I got with this pattern- I printed it, taped it together (which was all pretty straight forward) And I cut it out, and because I was only doing the pants there were no overlapping pieces and I just cut it out directly, which was nice. But then I had a bit of a panic about finishing this and my swimsuit for Bra-A-Week, so mom very kindly took over and made these pants up for me. *Presents millionth mom of the year award*

Mom was able to cut these out at 9 am, and sew them together by noon! Amazing!! I picked this very drape-y blue printed rayon, and I think it has the perfect amount of weight and drape for these pants- not to mention it is the softest pair of pants I own!


Just casually chilling on the beach in my new pants, looking through my sketchbook.

For an elastic waisted pant I think these look pretty great- I always have the fear that I won’t be able to pull them off, and that they’ll look like pyjama pants, but I think I would wear these ones anyways!

Named gives a 3/8″ seam allowance on their patterns, which works out pretty nicely for a serged finish on the inside like mom did 🙂

I fit their sizing chart pretty closely to a size 8, so I made these up in a size 8 and they fit pretty perfectly. I did add about 3″ in length to them at the lengthen line, but ended up taking most of that away again in the hem, because they sat a little lower than I thought they would, and the fabric has quite a heavy drape.

Me coaxing our dog Gibby into the water for the first time! Made sure to roll my new pants up so they wouldn’t get wet! And I actually like the look of them scrunched up!

I opted out of the back pocket because the print was so busy and I thought it would look better without.

Perfect beach pants!

So happy with these pants!

Have you sewn any indie patterns? What are you favourites? Any recommendations?

Now on to my swimsuit for tomorrow!! And if you haven’t already entered- don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!

xo erin