Hi All!

This week I have a submission for the Bra-A-Week Challenge!! A bikini I made for my sister Kristie – Happy Birthday Kristie!! 🙂 <3

I made this bikini based off of her measurements, and she is close to a RTW size 34C.

She chose this fabric at Ann’s ages ago when she was helping me pick out prints- and said “oooh I like this one- I’d want it to be a cute bra-top with a tie in the centre!’

And many months later on her birthday.. Voila!

This is a partial band bra (there is no band that runs under the cups) with a short wire for a low- front, which is fairly essential if you want the tie-front look with a small tie.

The addition of a tie was super simple! I just made the little tubes out of swimwear fabric, tied them like I wanted them and pinned them onto the bridge piece where it looked right. Then you just stitch it into the seam allowances and cut off any excess!

The cup for this bra is very simple- a vertical seamed cup, and I made this quite a rounded shape. I used cut & sew foam on the inside and covered it with the outer fabric. I added the detail of doing a double line of topstitching on the outer fabric cup seam, which I think gave it a really RTW look.

Gold accessories for this one! and of course all the edges are finished with self- binding, except for the bottom of the back band which I finished with my trusty Filpar rubber elastic!

I finished the waist and leg holes of the bottoms with Filpar as well.  I made these lower in the waist and higher in the leg than my usual cut of bottoms, and really narrowed the sides so I could add some ties to complete the theme!

I’m pretty confident that she’ll love the suit! I’m just hoping that the fit is bang-on!! I’ll let you know when I get a picture of it on her!

Also don’t forget to check out the rest of the Bra-A-Week Challenge this week! Michelle is a wonderful host and there are lots of lovelies over there to see!


Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!
xo Erin