Hi All,
Here is a late look over my week ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve had a bit of a weird week. Some ups, some downs, and overall I have to say that I’ve had a bit of a tired week. You know those weeks where you feel like you’re getting behind on everything- and all the things that you’re working on are slower than molasses? That was my week.

So instead of waking up full of energy yesterday, ready to write my Saturday Life- it was one of those mornings where everything was going wrong, and I had bit of a melt-down… And decided that the rest of my day would be much better spent snuggling with my puppy and being away from my computer.

So now that the weekend is almost over, I feel like I’m in a better mood to be reflecting on my week and sharing the best bits with all of you lovelies!


The first part of my week was spent working on product photography- something I never knew could be quite so tricky- and something that has been much harder to do with bra-kits than swimwear kits. Who knew that adding a piece of black or white powernet to the frame would completely throw off the white balance and colour? who knew? *sobs*

And here that behind the scenes ‘magic behind the photos’ you will see on Etsy soon! (I should have a couple kits up tonight, but I’ll be doing a post on them tomorrow!)

None of this would be possible without this little helper-puppy who insists that my lap is the best place to sit while I set up the kits for pics.

Another little teaser about some kits- these ones won’t be coming out for a couple more weeks- but I’ve been sourcing some lovely laces for you all ๐Ÿ™‚ And my dad made me these amazing wooden cards for me to put the lace on – thanks dad!! They are so tempting!

In other news, I managed to get myself to the big city this week for some Queen st. fabric shopping with a friend. I can never say no to floor-to-ceiling fabric!


So of course I couldn’t walk away without something beautiful- which was this amazing gold silk brocade for an upcoming corset this fall! (My friend picked out this navy&turquoise for herself!)

Anyone joining me for Corset October this fall in the Bra-A-Week Challenge?

Speaking of the Bra-A-Week Challenge- I’ll be taking it over again! Alas it is the end of the summer and my wonderful summer host – Michelle – has passed the torch back to me- and I am again the host of the Bra-A-Week Challenge. So you will be seeing those Sunday posts up again starting next Sunday!

For this Sunday make sure that you check out the Bra-A-Week Challenge over on her blog!

Otherwise this week I’ve been enjoying:

The #sewphotohop over on Instagram, this was my Day 29 photo for ‘eye level’ – not super sewing-themed but I love it ๐Ÿ™‚

The fresh corn on the cob that is finally in season! nomnomnomnomnomnomnom

And pinterest- I’ve been obsessed with these Ziegfeld Follies Girls – and all these gorgeous boudoir style shots from the 1920’s *swoon* I’ve been in a pinning frenzy over them on my Boudoir Board.

And that’s been my week. Have you ever had weeks where you want to just roll over and go back to bed- where nothing seems to be going very well? I hope I got it all out of my system! This week is busy!
Hope you’ve all had a lovely week

xo erin