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BRA KITS!! They’re finally here!!

by | Sep 2, 2015 | BRA MAKES, STUDIO LIFE | 14 comments

Hi All!

I’m so excited to announce that my BRA KITS are up on Etsy! and available for purchase!!

YAY!! and to celebrate every bra kit comes with a FREE PAIR OF WIRES!!!

This has been quite a while in the making, and it’s still just the start! πŸ™‚

So let me tell you a little bit more about these kits!

The main feature in these kits is this lovely no-stretch knit for cups!

You may remember the red bra that I made a few weeks ago…

When I said I had a beautiful new fabric that I was testing out..

Well I can honestly say that I’ve hardly taken this bra off since I made it. It is by far the most comfortable and favourite bra that I own! (shhhh.. don’t tell my other bras!)

So I’m very excited that I can bring this fabric to you! YAY Comfortable bras for all!

Let me tell you a little more about this fabric! It is a lightweight, knit fabric with NO stretch! Perfect for making bras!

It’s very breathable, and has wicking properties (who doesn’t want that in a bra!) and is really smooth against the skin! And I find that it has just enough ‘give’ to be really nice and smooth in the cups, unlike some other super-rigid fabrics.

It doesn’t have quite the super-duper support and rigidity of fabrics like duoplex, or completely rigid embroidered lace, but it is very light and comfortable!

And now I found it in four other colours! I don’t just have the red but also: Pink, Raspberry, Chartreuse & Blue!


(sorry if the colours seem a little off- you wouldn’t believe the problems I had trying to white balance these! I tried to make them as colour accurate as possible!)

Here is a behind the scenes photo where you can see them all together!

But besides this fabric- I wanted to make sure that these kits have everything that you need to make a bra! Because I know how hard it is to source out all the little pieces!

They also include:

– Powernet – .5m X .38m (or 20″ X 15″) Perfect if you want to make a regular OR racer back!

– 15 denier- in a lovely nude colour for lining the bridge for extra stability (although I include enough to line the cups if you like!

Along with those fabrics I offer two sizes of findings!

For theΒ SMALL range of findings kits I include:

– 3 m of 3/8″ plush back elastics (for top and bottom band)

– 1 m of 1/2″ strap elastic

– 0.8 m of channelling

– 1 set of 1/2″ sliders & rings (in black, silver or gold)

– 1 set of Hook & Eyes (2X3)

** These come in White, Black & Red! **

And for the LARGEΒ range of findings kits I include:Β 

– 1.2 m of 3/4″ plush back elastics (for bottom band)

– 2 m of 3/8″ plush back elastic (for top band)

– 1 m of 3/4″ strap elastic

– 0.8 m of channelling

– 1 set of 3/4″ sliders & rings (in silver or black)

– 1 set of Hook & Eyes (3X3)

** Currently these are only available in white***

I wanted to give two size ranges for the findings because everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to their elastics and findings! Personally I find myself grabbing for the smaller range for some bra styles and often the larger range for bralettes! (I mean, who doesn’t love a 3/4″ strap!)

I don’t have the findings kits up separately right now, they are soon to come!

And of course I’m offering a FREE pair of wires with every bra kit!! YAY!! You simply need to make a comment on the purchase of what size and style you want!

Taken Straight from Etsy!:


I also have extra sliders and rings up for purchase πŸ™‚

I’m so excited to be able to spread the love of bra-making and all my favourite things with all of you! And I promise this is just the start!
Let me know if you have any questions about the kits or anything else!
xo erin


  1. Shannon

    So excited to see these! I'd really love to try some of that fabric because I find my duoplex bra a little too rigid. It's also so nice to see another Canadian online retailer. Hooray for not having to pay more for shipping than for the product! πŸ™‚

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Shannon! I'm sure you'll love this fabric then- I also find that duoplex is just a bit too rigid for me and this fabric is just so smooth and soft! and yay for fellow Canadians and domestic shipping!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Kathy {Kathy Sews}

    These are great!! I like that you include metal findings with two options as well as different sized kits. Great price points– Canadians are totally lucky to have your shop as an option fro bra kits!!!!!!!!

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Kathy!! My goal is to make bra-making super accessible for people, and to offer a range of options for people with fabrics that I've tested and love myself! I'm so excited for people to try this fabric- and for people to come into my storefront (when it opens!)! But for now I have Etsy, which is open to all! πŸ™‚

  3. eforshopping

    How wonderful to see your bra kits in your store! And I'm sure they'll be a hit – everyone loved your red bra and commented on how comfortable it looked. I like that you're carrying the jewelry-grade rings & sliders too. Nice!


    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Michelle! I'm trying to make my shop a lovely little place of all my favourite things! πŸ™‚ This new fabric, jewelry grade rings & sliders, and nice soft elastics! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Diana Nuland van

    Hi Erin, good thinking out of the box about different fabrics. Michelle, Thank you so much for hosting Bra-a-week. πŸ˜€

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Diana! I really love trying new things, and this fabric is really an all-time favourite for me! and yes! Thanks to Michelle for being a wonderful summer host!

  5. Diana Nuland van

    Ps. Have you ever heart of the fabric Punto di Roma, that is also a very good fabric for making bra's, very comfi.

    • EmeraldErin

      I've never heard of that fabric! I'll have to look it up! Thanks!

  6. Shayleen Simms

    I just got my kit in the mail today and am so excited to work with it! The handwritten note inside was so thoughtful! Thank you πŸ™‚

    • EmeraldErin

      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Thanks Shayleen I can't wait to see what you make with it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. Anita

    Is the bra pattern also included

    • Emerald Erin

      Hi Anita, No, I sell kits and pattern separately πŸ™‚


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