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Saturday Life [26.09.15]: The Best Start to Fall!

Sep 26, 2015 | STUDIO LIFE | 3 comments

Hi All!

I hope you’re having a lovely start to Fall! (if it’s fall where you are- or a lovely week in general!)

The weather here in South-Eastern Ontario has been blissful- and I’ve taken full advantage of it! To be honest- I’ve been so exhausted between travelling, teaching and running my business on the side- that I had to take a couple mornings out for long walks, to get some fresh air and to enjoy all the wonderful things about early fall!


This is a lovely trail near where I live 🙂 Gibby has definitely been enjoying the extra walks this week!


And he really loved his new experience of apple picking! Or running around like a manic while we picked apples.

He was so tired after he just slept in the car for the whole ride home 🙂
Another fall treat this week was the Corn Bee!! 


The Corn Bee is a family tradition that we’ve had since I was very little. Every year we get 15 dozen corn, husk them, blanch them, cut off the kernels and bag it all for the freezer to have all winter long!


Kristie, Grandpa and I husk the corn- sometimes with help from Grandma 🙂
And this year we had a very special little supervisor.



Then mom, dad and Grandma worked their magic in the kitchen and got it all bagged.


Gibby was in charge of keeping the floor clean, and eating any little pieces that might fall.

It’s always so special having family traditions 🙂

In other news from this week…

If you haven’t checked out last weeks Bra-A-Week Challenge- I did a lovely Bra Theory tutorial on converting your long wired bra into a plunge wire bra 🙂

You can check that out here.

I’ve also been spending some extra time in the sewing room- getting ready for Corset October, a month of 4 corsets! I’m already sweating!

I also have another HUGE surprise coming up for October, which I will let you in on very soon:)

How was your week? How was your September? Anything cool coming up for October?

I love hearing what’s going on with you all!

Until the Challenge tomorrow 🙂

xo erin


  1. Sofía

    That Corn Bee tradition is so sweet!! And I bet Gibby was the best little supervisor ever 🙂 I love family traditions, they're one of the things I miss the most now that I'm away from home!
    I'm really excited about Corset October too: I've spent the last 2 weeks looking for corset supplies in Barcelona, it's been exhausting! There isn't a proper translation for words like "coutil" or "busk", so sometimes I had to draw what I needed! But now I think I've got nearly everything, at last 🙂
    And, of course, I really want to know the huge surprise you've got coming up for October. Wonderful things come to my mind, I can't wait! 😀

    • EmeraldErin

      The Corn Bee is really the best Bee 🙂

      I can't wait to see your corset! I know it can be a little hard to track down all the things that you need to make them- especially if coutil and busk don't translate! I find with corsets things really have to be specific for them to work out- you really can't replace a busk with anything else!

      I'll let you know the surprise soon 🙂

  2. bonnikoo

    I love your family traditions and your puppy is so cute!

    I thought I posted this already but I don't see it posted. Forgive me if this shows up twice.

    I love the low cut bra. It goes so well with what is happening in fashion right now. I'm wondering if this bra will work for those of us that are not self supporting. Would it work or wool I'll I have to make a less plunging bra?



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