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Saturday Life [19.09.15]: Signs, Spoolers & Studio Updates!

by | Sep 19, 2015 | STUDIO LIFE | 14 comments

Hi All!

What a crazy week I’ve had! I feel like I’m still trying to catch my breath. *deep breath* Let’s jump right in!


This week started off with more teaching. Looking back I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much in my life as I did in those 8 days! It was quite the experience! And wow- so much information and so many lessons! And all of the sudden it was back on the plane waving goodbye!

I feel like I’d have to do a whole year of bra theory posts on here to get through everything!

Speaking of Bra Theory- if you haven’t check out my last weeks Bra-A-Week Challenge- it was all about powerbar theory 🙂 You can check that out over here.

When I landed my dad surprised me with the most amazing gift! A Spooler!!


Dad made this for me using a motor from an old sewing machine! Now I can take all the elastic and channelling I get in boxes and put it on spools! No cranking or effort- just push the foot pedal and it spins! 🙂 🙂 I’m going to have to take a video when I’m spooling one day and show you all! I just adore it! <3 Thanks dad!! 🙂 🙂

It’s so exciting getting everything together for my studio!


Speaking of getting things ready for my studio.. I went to visit my studio yesterday and it’s coming along so well!!

They finished the ceiling, drywalling. And they’ve just got a couple things left to do. Crossing my fingers for a November opening! 🙂



I’m so excited to get into the space and set everything up! And to paint! There really isn’t much painting to be done in the space since it’s lovely exposed brick and dark hard wood floors, but the back wall is drywall to be painted and there is an area to paint around the front entrance. And I was thinking that this would be a lovely colour 🙂 to go with my green and grey theme 🙂 and to match all my online branding 🙂

But for the outside of my studio… this gem was dropped off at my door!! My sign !!

Isn’t it just stunning?! I’m SO in love with my sign <3 <3 Thanks Adam!! I will have this sign for the rest of my life!

It’s definitely on of those moments where I’m pinching myself to see if this is really happening. This whole week has been a ‘pinch me’ week! And I’m very happy to find that it’s not a dream 🙂

So that has been my week! Now I’m off to sew up my bra for the challenge tomorrow! Nothing like leaving it to the day before!

How was your week? Anything big? exciting? small? funny? please share in the comments 🙂 I love hearing about your week!

until tomorrow,

xo erin


  1. JoyD

    Congratulations! It's going to be a beautiful studio.

  2. eforshopping

    The studio is looking great! I'd love a visit. I really have to get back 'home' sometime and drop by and see your studio. What a treasure your Mom and Dad are! You're spooler is awesome. You'll appreciate that for years to come. And the sign is awesome. Beautiful and classy.


    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Michelle! I can't wait for your visit! 🙂 And I'm already appreciating my spooler! 🙂 Dad always makes me the best things!! Hope your week was great! 🙂

  3. Mon

    I'm so very happy for you Erin.
    I look forward to attending some of your workshops! 😉

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Mon!! I'm so excited to be hosting workshops! Can't wait to see so many friendly face at them 🙂

  4. missmaddysews

    The sign looks amazing! It looks like everything is coming together in such a great way 🙂 I'm looking forward to the next instalment of bra theory too! I've had most of the last two weeks off, so I've been trying to get in as much sewing as I can – and it was one of my best friend's Burlesque-themed 21st last night – bunches of fun 😀

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Maddy! Things really are starting to come together quickly now!

      Two weeks off sounds like absolute bliss! no better way to spend it than sewing! I just saw your burlesque set- how gorgeous- and that party sounds amazing 🙂 I wish we lived closer 🙂

  5. Sofía

    I never would have thought that a spooler could be made with a sewing machine motor! Your dad is so clever! It's nice to see that your studio is almost ready, and that green colour looks great! But the Emerald Studio sign… it's SO beautiful!!! With that amazing sign, no one is going to resist entering to your studio!

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Sofia! Not going to lie- my dad is the best dad 🙂

      The studio is really coming together now- it seems almost surreal! And I'm glad you like the colour 🙂 I dropped off the paint at the studio this morning! 🙂 I want it to be a magical space everyone can enjoy! Now I just have to start working on a teleporter to get you all over here easier!

  6. Ilna

    Wow Erin, I just LOVE that sign! It is beautiful. Your dad is such a clever and handy man, it's amazing all the things he's making for you. And I also think that green is stunning. Wish I could see the shop in person when it opens, but will have to just watch the photos.

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Ilna!! I'm so excited about the opening, and my new spooler and my new sign! it's been a week of excitement.

      I promise that I'll take tons and tons of pics in the studio- so even if you can't be here in person you can enjoy it online 🙂

  7. Natasha Estrada

    Honestly unless you're sell in a retail storefront the last thing I'd want to do is put everything on spools. I love that the mill sends me the elastic in big bags. Makes it much easier to pack all the orders. Spools slow me down.

    • EmeraldErin

      Hi Natasha! I am actually in a retail store-front! so for me spools are great! I also have a bunch of all-rubber swimwear elastic in a big box and my greatest fear is that I'll drop it and never get it untangled again! lol. 🙂


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