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Nov 19, 2015 | STUDIO LIFE, Tutorials | 17 comments

Hi All!!

I wanted to do a post about underwires today! I know that it can be confusing with all the different types of wires, but I’ve stumbled upon a wire that I really love- and I call it the Bliss wire 🙂

I talked about this wire back in September in this bra theory post and showed the difference between the Bliss wire and my usual wires, that I like to call Round wires. There are a few features that make this wire an excellent choice for a lot of women!

This is the Bliss Wire:

You can see that the bliss wire is a deeper, narrower wire. This shape gives a great fit! Especially if you have: larger cup sizes, very little space between your cups (narrow bridge), close set-breasts or a narrow ribcage, or if you’re looking to bring your breasts closer together and out from your underarm!

And this is the bliss wire compared to a round wire (below),


Bliss Wire                                                        Round Wire

And here you can see the difference in a bra with the bliss wire (left) and the round wire (right). Personally I prefer the Bliss wire 🙂

I love having more options!! And more wires for all different shapes and styles 🙂 One step closer to the perfect fit for every body! Here you can see just how different the splay is between the Bliss wire and the Round Wire – whatever works the best for you body and comfort!

* It should be noted that these wires are not ideal for smaller or shallower fit cups.


I am so happy to say that I have a full stock of these wires in
Wires for all!! (I know that some of you have been waiting very patiently!)


I also have my Round and Plunge wires available in the shop too!
What wire do you like best? Are you going to give the Bliss wire a try?
xo erin


  1. Ginny

    Ooooh Erin, the bliss wire looks like it would be perfect for me! I'm a large cup / small band and need a narrow bridge, so must give these a try!

    • EmeraldErin

      Yes!! I love them!! I can't wait for you to try them!

  2. eforshopping

    Hi Erin, Are the Bliss underwires the same as Vertical underwires? Or are these something else again? How flexible are they? Currently, I'm using Flexible underwires as they're the only wire that is both long enough and narrow enough for me.


    • EmeraldErin

      Hi Michelle! I can't say if these are exactly like the Vertical wires from BMS, but they are probably very close. They are not flexible at all, very rigid, so I don't know if they will work as well for you if you tend to like the more flexible wire fit. I will look into more wires in the future to see if there is anything even more narrow and long!

  3. Mandy Varelis

    Yes!! Yes on the Bliss wires! Gah, I need a job so I can buy stuff!

    • EmeraldErin

      🙂 🙂 Thanks Mandy! I personally think that we should all just win the lottery- wouldn't that be easier! lol

  4. Lauriana

    When you posted about those different wires before, I didn't comment. Now, I think I should. I have a fairly small cup size myself and I have quite a bit of experience fitting ladies for bridal corselettes, so I think I have plenty of experience to mention this: The vast majority of ladies with smallish bust sizes should definitely NOT go for Bliss underwires. Cup size is usually determined by the difference between underbust and overcast measurement but on most women with a low difference between those measurement, the breast tissue is actually distributed on the ribcage in the same way as on those with larger breast. Their breasts have a similar "surface" on the ribcage but less volume. I have seen this described as "shallow breasts". To fit this properly, you need a round wire and alterations to cup patterns to make them less deep.

    • EmeraldErin

      Hi Lauriana,

      Thank you for your comment, I completely agree! These wires are not for every body, and like I said in my post, they are ideal for the larger cup sizes, narrow set breasts, larger cups on a smaller rib cage. It's hard to determine exactly where the range ends of people who can benefit from this wire, because bodies are all different (I've seen 28G cups benefit from this wire, and my 34C also benefits from this wire!).

      But I do agree with you completely that MANY ladies with smaller cup sizes tend to have more 'shallow' fit, and need a wire with more splay on the arms.

      The Round wire is a great in-between point, but I'm actually working on sourcing an even more splayed/shallow wire, inspired by my friend who has a very shallow fit. I will be coming out with that soon!

      My goal is to find a whole variety of wires for all different body types, because I realize that all women are different and need a different fit.

      I got carried away in this post with the excitement of all the people who can benefit from this wire, but thank you for reminding that it is also important to clearly mention the people who are best for other wire shapes, and will not experience the same benefit. It's all about knowledge- and I'm happy that you're sharing your experiences too!

      Thanks! xo erin

    • Lauriana

      Hi Erin,

      Thank you for the reply. I did notice you mentioned the right kind of body types in your post, and for those, the Bliss wire would be great.
      I have just read so many blog posts and comments from people who are just starting to make lingerie and get really hung up on finding the right supplies, without realizing how much it all depends on the relationship between the wearer's body shape, the bra pattern and the wire shape. (it is not just in bra making either. I, and other more experiences seamstresses, once had a discussion on We Sew Retro Sew & Tell (FB) with a lady on how to fix the strapless bodice she was making. There were serious fit issues but she seemed to think that it would all work out if she could only find spiral steel boning…). I myself have had the frustration of buying wires with the right size in theory, only to find out that the shape was all wrong. Deep wires for A and B cups can be seriously narrow!
      It still surprises me how many sellers don't take this into account. I buy underwires from one of just a few web stores I have come across to list both the length and the diameter of its underwires (and to include a drawing about how these things are measured).

      It would be great if you could go on to offer a variety of wires in your Etsy shop, and explain about the differences (I think we have both done blog posts about this from our personal perspectives, but I have not yet seen a more thorough explanation on a sewing blog or a sewing supply website).
      I would be happy to help with some information from the shallow end of the spectrum, if you would like. And I would definitely link to such information in any lingerie post.

    • EmeraldErin

      I will have to start planning my post on this 🙂

  5. Tracey

    Hi. I was wondering if you can clarify how the sizing on these underwires works please. I'm an Australian 22G, so was wondering what that is in these wires.

    • EmeraldErin

      Hi Tracy! From what I've researched, a 22G in AUS is the same as a 44G in Canadian/US sizing. Now in 'standard RTW' they would put a size 54 wire in that size of a bra, but everyone is different and the standard RTW doesn't always fit, so you could be a different size than that. I currently have this style of underwire up to size 52.

  6. Corina Kostreba

    After reading all of your comments, I am sadly aware of my lack of info in my neck of the woods (Florida).
    I was thinking, wouldn't it be ok to buy a bundle of different sized wires which are close to our bra size and considering a training lesson. I do realize that once the packages are opened, we become the permanent owners. I would so do it.

    • EmeraldErin

      Hi Corina! I know it can be a little overwhelming when you're still figuring out the best fit for you! I do offer fitting packs of wires in my shop (3 pair for the price of two). If you tell me your bra size I can work out the standard ready-to-wear size that you would have, then I will send you one larger than that and one smaller. And I'm always happy to work with you to figure out what sizes to order!

  7. Noelle White

    Hello, I wanted to order some bliss under wire and a kit from your Etsy and I cabby remember my email or username. I don't want to open a new one cuz one of these days it will cone to me, lol Do you do Square or PayPal?
    U can email me

    • EmeraldErin

      I can use paypal! I'll send you an email 🙂


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