Hi All!!

I wanted to do a post about underwires today! I know that it can be confusing with all the different types of wires, but I’ve stumbled upon a wire that I really love- and I call it the Bliss wire 🙂

I talked about this wire back in September in this bra theory post and showed the difference between the Bliss wire and my usual wires, that I like to call Round wires. There are a few features that make this wire an excellent choice for a lot of women!

This is the Bliss Wire:

You can see that the bliss wire is a deeper, narrower wire. This shape gives a great fit! Especially if you have: larger cup sizes, very little space between your cups (narrow bridge), close set-breasts or a narrow ribcage, or if you’re looking to bring your breasts closer together and out from your underarm!

And this is the bliss wire compared to a round wire (below),


Bliss Wire                                                        Round Wire

And here you can see the difference in a bra with the bliss wire (left) and the round wire (right). Personally I prefer the Bliss wire 🙂

I love having more options!! And more wires for all different shapes and styles 🙂 One step closer to the perfect fit for every body! Here you can see just how different the splay is between the Bliss wire and the Round Wire – whatever works the best for you body and comfort!

* It should be noted that these wires are not ideal for smaller or shallower fit cups.


I am so happy to say that I have a full stock of these wires in
Wires for all!! (I know that some of you have been waiting very patiently!)


I also have my Round and Plunge wires available in the shop too!
What wire do you like best? Are you going to give the Bliss wire a try?
xo erin