Hi All!!

It’s 2016!!! YAY! And I have a very good feeling about this year πŸ™‚

I thought I would kick off the start of this year with an announcement about the Bra-A-Week Challenge, and how it’s going to look this year.

I’ve decided to make a few changes to the challenge coming up this year. These changes are partly because it’s a little too crazy to keep sewing a bra every week *sweats while thinking about last year* , but also because I feel like I can offer you a lot more than just inspiration now, and I would like to share more about the making, tutorials and theory behind bra making and swimwear.

So instead of make a new bra every week this is how the four Sundays of a month will look:

Sunday 1: Bra/Swim Make

Sunday 2: Bra/Swim Theory post or Tutorial Post

Sunday 3: Bra/Swim Make

Sunday 4: Inspiration Post with your Submissions.

I will still be making 2 bras/swimsuits every month for inspiration, but these makes will probably go hand in hand with the tutorial or theory post that I’ll be putting in the middle.

I’ve already planned a few posts ahead all about the theory behind: underwires, fabric choices, cup styles, and some makes to go with them. Β But I’m very happy to hear your requests!

I’m also happy that I’m giving the final Sunday of every month to show off all of your submissions, so we can all feel accomplished at the end of every month! Β And I will be collecting your submissions from the month and posting them all on that day!

Now this could change as the year goes on, but I think this general structure will be a little more manageable for me and a little more informative and useful for you!

Come along and grab a button!!

Emerald Erin

Emerald Erin

My goals for this year are to really dive into the nitty-gritty of bras and swimwear, and to help create good online resources for bra-makers, not just with showing things that I can do, but by including more teaching posts.

What are your goals? Remember this challenge is all about making and setting your own goals and being a part of this great bra community! You do not have to make something every week or even every month! Whatever goal is a good goal for you!

Please leave a comment and let me know how you’re feeling about your bra-making & swimwear sewing in 2016!

You can also join the pinterest board, send your submissions into braaweek@gmail.com and use the #braaweek if you are on instagram!

I am SO excited about everything to come this year, and I can’t wait to hear all about your plans too!

Here’s to an amazing 2016!!

xo erin