Bra Make [BAW8]: Black Lace Vixen & Giveaway Winner!

Feb 21, 2016 | Bra Makes | 25 comments

Hi All!!

Week 8 already!- and here is my second and final make for February! I think lace was the perfect topic, and I’m already dreaming of all the lace bras I’m going to make the rest of the year now that I’m so inspired!

But first, what I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for!
The GIVEAWAY announcement!!
And the winner of this lovely kit (with either large or small findings):


Drumroll please…………………………….



I’m so excited!! I know Maddy will make something truly stunning with this kit! Congratulations Maddy- I will be in touch and this beauty will be on it’s way across the world in no time! 🙂
(*why does random number generator always find the person with the most expensive shipping? lol*)
Now that we have all the excitement about the giveaway over, it’s time to get excited about my make this week!


Since you all got a massive sneak peak of this bra in my tutorial on making a scallop lace band last week. I thought I would give you a little extra eye candy this week with a matching waist cincher, made with the Vixen pattern from Scarlett!!

I made this set using my new Beautiful Black Lace (and lots of it! So much lace edge!!), Black Bra Tulle, Plunge Underwires and a small black regular elastic findings kit (with a 3X3 hook and eye- my fave)!

On the waist cincher I also used some pre-made cotton binding to finish the edges, black channeling with 1/4″ plastic boning and some sturdy black woven wool for a waist tape and to support the grommets in the back!

Now I do technically have a full set with this bra, the waist cincher and the black panties I made to go with my black beauty set, but I’m not quite brave enough to photograph myself in the whole set for you guys, so these two will have to do!

I LOVE how this waist cincher turned out! The bra tulle looks so delicate and light as air! And I should say that it definitely isn’t as strong as coutil- so this is not a real ‘haul in the waist’ kind of corset- but it makes for some very pretty lingerie, especially on a pattern like this with so many shapely panels!

I added a little pop of pink ribbon in the back 🙂 just to mix things up 🙂 I love how you can see the waist tape though the sheer pannels, and this waist cincher is nice and high in the back, it even overlaps my wide bra back! I think that’s a more flattering shape though 🙂

I’m pretty impressed with how this bra came out too! I’m LOVING this darted cup 🙂 I know that they aren’t the best for everyone and all sizes, but I find that on me, and my size- they are so flattering and give a really nice shape! I love the way these large lace scallops turned out, it really emphasizes the plunge of this neckline. I definitely think this is one of the sexiest bras I own, hands down!

I think these two designs worked well to compliment each other as well, with the top line or the waist cincher following the bottom edge of the bra  in that nice ‘V’ shape!


And don’t forget Scarlett most generously offered a 50% discount on this beautiful waist cincher pattern for my lovely readers this February with this coupon code!! YAY!


I’m so happy with how my set turned out! But I’m also SO excited to see everything you’ve made this month!!

Don’t forget to send in all your bra makes for February to:
Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend!


  1. Ilna

    What a sexy bra! I LOVE black lace…. and the waist cincher looks good too. This is a very nice set, as always. I wish I could design my own patterns.

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Ilna! Maybe one day you'll be drafting your own patterns 🙂 I promise it's fun!

  2. eforshopping

    Erin, your bra and waist cincer are gorgeous! I love them both. What pattern did you use for your panties? They would have been nice to see too, even if not on you. 🙂

    And congratulations to Maddy for winning! I'm sure she'll make something lovely!


    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Michelle! The panties were a pattern that I took off of a RTW pair I own. I should post a pic of it all together sometime!

      And thank you so much for your congratulations! I was so blown away to be nominated let alone win!!

  3. missmaddysews

    Just WOW. This set is so amazingly gorgeous and sexy! It's making me want to make another corset – maybe next holidays 😉 And also, I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE BRA KIT YAY!

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Maddy 🙂 I can't wait to see what you make with the kit!!

  4. Evie


  5. Sian Thomas

    Oh wow, this is gorgeous!! I haven't yet made my attempt with lace, but I feel like I should definitely do it this week to fit in with lace month!
    The shape of this bra is so beautiful, as is the cincher. I'm tempted to try the pattern, but I'm worried it won't have enough immediate curve for my hips (I have a short, high waist and very sudden hip curve) so would need quite a bit of adjusting. I think I'll just start with a lace bra/briefs for now and see how it goes. I have a plan for a body suit with a lace upper cup piece, so I'll maybe see how that goes 🙂

    • Sian Thomas

      Oh and congrats to Maddy! She will DEFINITELY make something gorgeous out of the kit 🙂

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Sian! Those sound like amazing plans! lace makes everything special!

  6. Réka

    Wow, that waist cincher is absolutely gorgeous!
    Congrats to Maddy!!

  7. Lauriana

    It looks very lovely (and you remind me I should really get my hands on something like bra tulle or a sturdier relative of it to make another lingerie corset).
    However, I suppose you do know that your cincher is not laced correctly… I guess it doesn't matter in this case because it is not really a functional piece but I see people get corset lacing wrong so often that it really catches my eye

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Lauriana, I can't wait to see more lingerie from you!

      This is definitely not a functional corset! I just laced it up quickly for the photos!

  8. My Handmade Space

    I like the waist cincher! The pink ribbon in the back looks great! Isn't the boning uncomfortable?

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks! The boning isn't uncomfortable at all, it's actually a really easy-wearing set! It's also not a tight lacing corset- I might even wear this over a blouse one day 🙂

  9. Maddie Flanigan

    Ow ow! Super sexy indeed! And I am the only crazy person who takes photos in my skivvies. Lol.

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Maddy! One day I'll get up the courage to do an underwear shoot- just when I'm more prepared and not taking the photos last minute in my bedroom corner!

      I don't have any problems with photos in bikinis though- which I realize is pretty much the same thing! lol

  10. Anemone H

    I adore (and covet) this set. Seriously the most gorgeous bra ever!

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks 🙂 I'm really in love with this set- it's always the simple designs that get me the most 🙂

  11. Sofía

    This corset is gorgeous!!! And paired with the bra is just perfection!! I love how this set looks together, it's so sexy and glamorous! 😉 I think I'm going to buy the waist cincher pattern and just copy your version shamelessly 😛 It couldn't be more perfect!
    And congratulations to Maddy! I'm sure she'll make amazing things with that lovely lace! 🙂

    PS: Congrats to you too for winning the Best Bra Maker award!:D You really deserve it!

    • EmeraldErin

      Thanks Sofia! I can't wait to see your version 🙂 You make such beautiful things!

      And thanks so much for the Congrats!! I can't wait to put my little statue up in the studio 🙂

  12. Diana Nuland van

    Hi Erin, I'm very very impressed about this set. It's VadaVoooooom and soo pretty. Gives us inspiration again. 🙂

  13. MarianneG

    Congratulations Erin !!! Where can I find PUG patterns ? tia.


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