Hi All!

It’s time for my second indie pattern make of Me Made May! And I’m SO happy I chose this pattern I love it!

This week I made the Hudson Pants from True BiasΒ .


I made them using a deep fuchsia, thick stretch knit with this subtle zig-zag texture. For the waistband, cuffs and pocket detail I used a thin ribbed grey knit, I’m really loving this dark grey and fuchsia combo.

These pants are supremely comfy, the only modification that needed to be made was to add 1 1/2 ” to the length because I’m pretty tall. I think the fit is pretty spot!

I think my favourite thing about these pants is that they still look chic enough to go out in, not just your stay at home track pants.

I feel like that’s all I can say about these pants! They came together so quick and easy, Mom and I tag-teamed, one pinning while the other serged, one topstitching while the other cut out the cuffs- and poof, they were done!

Have you made the Hudson Pants before? What do you think?

How is your Me-Made-May coming along? Have you found any gaps in your me-made wardrobe yet?