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[BAW 30] GIVEAWAY!! Win a Custom Swimwear Kit!!

Jul 24, 2016 | STUDIO LIFE, Swimwear Makes | 124 comments

Hi All!!

This week I’m mixing it up and having a GIVEAWAY!! YAY Don’t you love that extra Sunday in July!

I love giveaways 🙂 and sharing with all of you lovelies! I wanted to do a giveaway a few weeks back – but I was interrupted by the Canada Post possible lock out *sigh*

But it’s all clear now!! And I’m soooo happy to announce that my Emerald Studio Etsy shop is OPEN during the 30-day Canada Post negotiations (let’s hope they come to a good agreement after these 30 days!)

Now for the giveaway!!- I was thinking about which fabric and kit I should pick to give away and then I realized that I wanted to hear more about your dream swimsuit and swimwear kits! And I want you to be able to pick out the perfect kit for you!!

So this is how it works:

First you can pick one of my ‘Basics Kits’: which is the series I designed to make swimwear sewing easier- they include everything you need for different types of swimwear! All of your lining, elastic, G-hooks, and bra stuff for bra-swimsuits!

The Basics Options Are:





Then you pick the fabric that you want to go with your kit!
You can pick up to 1 meter of fabric, either 1 solid meter, or 1/2 a meter each of two coordinating fabrics! And I’ve just replenished my shop with some gorgeous options!



As usual, you can be anyone from anywhere to enter the giveaway!

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment telling me:
Which basics kit you would pick
 Which swimwear print is your favourite
What you would make with it
And of course, make sure I have your name and some way to contact you in case you win 😛

Also, you know it wouldn’t hurt if you followed me on any of my social medias either.. you know… might be nice… 😉

Possibly my Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin’, Pinterest, favourite my Etsy Shop or maybe even sign up for my newsletter- in the side bar… <3

You have until next Saturday at noon EST to enter, and I will be announcing the winner at the start of the Round-Up post next week!
(so don’t forget to submit all your lovely makes too!!)
I can’t wait to hear all your favourites and thoughts for swimwear- it’s my fav!
🙂 🙂 🙂


  1. Chrisagriff2

    One peice since I use my suits as workout clothes and bikinis don't always hold up through that! I love the fun blue and black flowers fabric!

  2. Ponddrop

    The ultimate kit, with the classic black and white fabric! I need a full bra to hold everything in place when spandex is involved. 🙂 I'd self draft a two piece suit, which has been sliding down my to do list forever. Abby Pond (@ponddrop on twitter, @queenofcupslingerie on Instagram)

  3. MSL

    The ultimate kit with either the kaleidoscope or tropical pink. I'd make the new Closet Case Files Sophie.

  4. Amber Finley

    Two piece basics kits, coral swim fabric and the Watson bra/lady shorts as swimwear 🙂

  5. Seams Long

    The ultimate kit with pink and green nautical print and I'm still searching for the perfect swimsuit for a pair shape
    Instagram seamslong

  6. Abigail Doyle

    Oooohh Erin! This is such an amazing giveaway!
    I'd like ultimate kit and it's a toss up between the holographic mermaid and the chic blues and purple. Those are my top 2 from your options.
    I really want to make the new Closet Case Files Sophie swimsuit, but Patterns for Pirates Siren/ sailor one piece hack or Seamstress Erin's Nautilus Swimsuit are also on my wishlist.

  7. Stephanie Troemel

    The ultimate kit (excited for support in a suit),with the anchors and the p4p suit, with the one piece hack. So gorgeous to match your beautiful fabrics!
    Stephanie (stroemel at gmail)


    I would get the one piece with the pink to purple ombre.
    Winter is just finishing here in Aus and I definitely need a new awesome ombre swimsuit <3

  9. Denise

    That fun blue/black/white flower fabric and the ultimate kit would make a super cute Sophie swimsuit for my next trip to the lake! denisemarie3 (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. Stephanie

    Itty bitty bikini with holographic mermaid scales! I would make a string bikini from kb stitch designs. Love! stephanie

  11. MrsOtis

    I'd get the itty-bitty bitty bikini kit or ultimate, I need support! I love the blue and purple tye dye swim knit and I'd make a wrap top bikini with basic bottoms to match.

  12. Ursula Görlitz

    oh, this is a real good chance: I´d make a simple one-piece, the fabric I like most is the only-black one. It would be a swimsuit for me, for this summer!

  13. Shiny Green Penny

    I love that you are a Canadian sewist and making fabrics and findings available online. I have been following your blog from the beginning and find it inspirational.

    I would use the ultimate kit in order to create a lot of support. I would use it with nautical rope. I would create a swim/bra top, and then use remnants of the fabric as trim on matching swim short bottoms and also a long-sleeve rashguard. This 3 piece mix and match swim wardrobe would then be perfect for a day of paddling, hanging at the lake, swimming with my kids.

    Keep up the great work!

  14. leora foster

    So many great options. For me the smartest option would be the bra swimsuit kit with the beautiful purple and blue tropical print. I'm thinking the swim pattern from pattern for pirates. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  15. helsbels

    What an amazing giveaway! I'd love the ultimate kit with the holographic mermaid fabric, and plain black fabric. And to try to make the new closet case files high waisted Sophie bikini and lose my swimsuit making virginity!
    Email is hoh2005 at gmail dot com

  16. Kara

    I have been eying your swimwear fabric for a while! I would use the one piece kit and the blue and green leaf print to make a Nautilus swimsuit. I tested that pattern last summer and love the design, but the torso is about an inch to short on me. I have been meaning to make another, and it would be lovely in that print! My email is kwmucha at gmail dot com. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Meg

    Oooh, how fun! I'd pick the bra swimsuit kit, the Kaleidoscope print fabric and make the Closet Case Files Sophie!! Meg dot mccarthy at gmail dot com

  18. Abbie

    What a great giveaway! I would want the ultimate kit, with the mermaid and ombre fabric to make a supportive bikini for myself. And maybe a matching toddler-sized one for my mermaid-loving daughter if there were any leftovers! gabbie _ abbie at hotmail dot com

  19. Tammy

    Nice giveaway! I'd pick the ultimate system, Periwinkle Blackbird and make a Lisette B6360, the twist front tankini, with the fitting advice of Mrs. Weaver's Finest Unmentionables.

  20. Anemone H

    The ultimate kit with the new black and white flourish print. Hard to pick as you have so many beautiful prints available now! I really want to try the Ohhh Lulu Abigail suit modified to have an underwired bra built in for additional support. I'm excited to sew a one piece suit since RTW ones never fit me.

    Anemone at

  21. Sam

    Awesome, already following you! I'd go for the bra kit with the resort chic black and white fabric. Maybe try out the new Sophie pattern from Closet Case Files.

  22. Ilna

    What a great giveaway! We're still in the heart of winter, but I'm looking forward to the hot weather. I've never had a swimsuit that is supportive enough, so I would love to make my own. Not sure which pattern I'll use, but definitely the ultimate kit with the tropical pink floral fabric. ishaprov31 at gmail dot com


    This is awesome! I would pick the ultimate kit with the black/white print and solid black, and make a little foam cup boylston 🙂

  24. noreen claire

    I like the idea of the Ultimate Kit, as I am never able to find an underwire bra swim suit top in my size! I would chose the black and neon coral solids to color block a suit with a retro bottom. I have favorited your shop so that I can sew a suit for next summer, when I am no longer pregnant. Thanks for giveaway!
    noreen (ncflanagan AT aol DOT com)

  25. Ashlee Aisenson

    One piece kit+holographic mermaid=awesome monokini!!!!

  26. Laura Schroeder

    Love the idea of planning what you might win…..sooooo, the one piece kit with the bra wires and the paisley mosaic would be lovely. I have made a Bombshell suit before and would give it another go with wires this time". Thanks so very much.

  27. sodapopper

    I would use the bra swimsuit basic kit with a meter of the blue and green leaf print with my oop Kwik Sew 1948 vintage inspired swimsuit pattern

  28. Jutta

    I'm into colorblocking and I prefer tankini sets. I have to make my own cups, so mine would be the one piece option so I have enough fabric. I like blue purple group print with the small geometric pink print.

  29. Claire

    I'd choose the itty bitty bikini kit with the Classic Black and White printed swimwear fabric to make a classy black and white string bikini.

  30. Sox

    A basic two-piece in tie-dye would be my choice. Thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway.

  31. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Oooh…awesome! I'd go for the Ultimate kit and probably the pink/turquoise anchors. I say probably, because the paisley mosaic is so pretty too! What a great giveaway, thanks Erin!

  32. Heather Dawson

    I have been eyeing your mermaid fabric for another sophie suit. (I've been waiting for you to reopen!) I will be taking my 2 year old to swim lessons In the fall, so I think a periwinkle blackbird/black made with a backstrap like Sue @ A Colourful Canvas – that would require the ultimate kit, I'm sure. Thanks Erin

  33. Vi H

    The ultimate kit with the turquoise with pink anchors. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  34. Alison

    I would have to go with the bra swimsuit pack and I am torn between paisley mosaic and black and white flourish, in the end decision for half and half of Black and white flourish and plain black. I would make a self drafted costume along the lines of your body suits, using denise swimsuit as a started and putting in a foam bra top. I would colour block the patterned fabric in the middle and on the cups with black on the sides. I think it will be amazing 🙂

    • Alison

      Of course I mean the ultimate kit – was getting too excited at the thought!

  35. Toni 515

    I would love the bra kit and first row #3. I want to make a swimsuit that fits, I'm a big girl and have a hard time getting a good fit for large bust and small bottom. Plus I want to make bras and underwear in color and print. Big girls like more than black, white and beige. I want to make custom bras for full size women with out it costing $100 just because you don't fit the average size. I'm small in the band 36, 38, but large cup h,j hard to find and sales people try to give you something that is almost the same. Not true, I can't wear a 40 band I fall out the bottom or a 4d cup. And so many speciality stores are closing so hair to find my size. So I really need to learn how to make what I need.

  36. Cheryl

    I'd have to find a pattern for a suit with a bit of a skirt but it would be lovely to finally have straps that stay put on my narrow, sloping shoulders! I'm excited to learn to make bras & swimsuits that will really fit me. Even if I have to purchase additional fabric your Bra Swimsuit (Ultimate) kit with Super Chic Blues & Purples fabric would be an excellent starting point! – thanks for the opportunity.

  37. Katy

    Wow! I'd love the foam cup or the two piece kit with the two black and white prints or the the nautical rope and purple and blue tropical prints. I'd probably use the Ohhh Lulu Cindy pattern or draft my own.

  38. Rosy1906

    I would order the Ultimate kit in the green/blue feathers material. What a beautiful fabric, lovely colours. Some day I would love to have a swimsuit that fits. I must learn how to make one.

  39. Hope

    Ooh! The ultimate kit and the periwinkle black bird! I'm partial to a tankini with shorts.

  40. Jodi Albanese

    Oh my gosh! Love! I would go for the bra kit. I need the support! I'd make a high-waisted bikini, and the super chic blues and purples is to die for! You have a great selection!

  41. Sian Dempsey

    Oooh! The Bra swimsuit with the Nautical Ropes fabric or the Achors fabric. I've been meaning to learn how to make my own swimwear so if I won this there would be No Excuses! Haha. X

  42. Melody Lema

    I would do the one piece, with the Paisley Mosaic fabric. I would make this suit to wear in my water aerobics class. I will pick a size smaller than I am right now in order to reward myself for my first loss of 25 pounds. I am a pear shape, and I need to lose weight so that I can have surgery to get out of a wheelchair. And what a gift! Purples, Paisleys, and I did it myself!

  43. allie J.

    The ultimate kit, with the pink gingham fabric–I don't do a lot of swimming but I'd love to have a pink gingham retro bikini like yours! xoxo

  44. Melissa

    The ultimate one piece bra kit since I need support for the giant jello melons. For the outer, I like the Hawaiian dream. It has a lot of my favorite colors.

    My contact info is

  45. prairiegirl

    Such a hard choice, but I think I'd choose the Ultimate basic kit for the swimsuit bra and the purple and blue tropical (or maybe the Kaleidoscope…). I really want to make either the Closet Case Files Sophie or Bombshell or Laela Jeyne's Lola Swimsuit this summer!

  46. Cindy Oosterhof

    I would make a tankini out of the ultimate kit with the black and white print with a white solid! I'd love to have a super supportive tankini for my large chest. Thanks for the giveaway! Contact info

  47. lara widdifield

    I need good bust support so I would get the ultimate, and the paisley mosaic fabric. I would make a tankini because I like the coverage of a one-piece but like the fact that to go to the bathroom you don't have to strip down completely, lol

  48. Rowena

    I love the periwinkle black bird fabric! And I'd get the ultimate kit, to make some sort of one-piece with bra insert, because it'd be nice to finally have a swimsuit with decent support. (

  49. Nathalie Sews

    I would love the ultimate basic kit and the black and white print and the solid black. I think they would make an awesome Sophie from Closset Case Files, those two fabrics look amazing together. Thank you for the giveaway!

  50. Kat Klebenow

    My birthday gift from my parents is a plane ticket to Hawaii to visit them in a few months (I live in New Zealand, so it's a halfway point as I haven't seen them in almost a year)… but I have no swimsuit I trust to the waves! I'd pick the turquoise and yellow floral print with a bit of solid black for accents, and make a self-drafted bustier-style top and some strappy bikini bottoms with the bra swimsuit kit! Goodness, I'm excited just thinking about it!

  51. Bev @ kwiltpharm

    I would use the ultimate kit to make a one piece, bra supported swim suit in the green and pink floral fabric. then, maybe I could win a cruise to wear it! A girl can dream even if she can no longer wear a bikini!

  52. Brune

    Sounds awesome:) I would pick the ultimate kit with the tropical pink fabric, to make a Jalie 3350. Bruna(dot)berg(at)gmail(dot)com

  53. LizDavis

    Decisions! Decisions! I'll go for your "Bra Swimsuit Kit" and "Super Chic Blue & Purples" fabric. I'll keep it totally Canadian eh and make a "Closet Case Pattern Sophie Swimsuit!" Thanks for the fantastic giveaway Erin!

  54. .rae. of sunshine

    Oooo! I would love the basics kit for a one-piece suit and the Turquoise & Pink Anchor Nautical Swimwear Fabric! (You are correct. It is super fun and cute!) I would make the Maison Fleur 8101 Halter Neck suit.

    You can get me at or check your Instragram followers for @raeguns
    That's also me.


  55. Venice

    ohhh I'd have to go for the Ultimate kit as these girls need all the support they can get :D. I'd probably make a tankini.

    for fabric I'm thinking nautical rope for the center panel, and the black for the color blocked sides.

    Lovely selection….I love your blog.

  56. Brooke

    Bright Blooms! I would make a Jalie Tankini.

  57. LaRayMay O

    My favorite is the Ultimate kit and the Periwinkle Black Bird pattern. I would love to use them with a Sophie One Piece swimsuit. Love your blog, and thank you for sharing your bra making knowledge.

  58. Sueann Walter

    The ultimate kit for a bra cup swimsuit with the mermaid fabric for one really cool swimsuit. For an old chick.

  59. Diana Z

    I would love to make a tankini set. I like the ultimate Bra Swimsuit kit. Colors that I love the Periwinkle Blackbird fabric! Thanks foe the giveaway.

    • Diana Z

      Email: ddlucky @

  60. trippinbugs

    I would LOVE to win the ultimate kit with foam to make the perfect length one-piece suit that doesn't give me a wedgie for once!! It's been a dream of mine:) I also have my eye on the classic black and white fabric…..

  61. Tannis

    I would choose the ultimate bra swimsuit kit and make a tankini. I like the periwinkle blackbird fabric.
    tanniswiebe at gmail dot com

  62. Sofía

    That's a great idea for a giveaway!! I'd pick the ultimate kit, because I've been wanting to replicate my favourite swimsuit of all times! It consists of a longline bra (with foam) and striped bikini bottoms, and I love its slightly vintage look 🙂 For the fabric, I'd pick the Classic Black & White Printed Swimwear Fabric for the top, and maybe some solid black fabric for the bottoms. I'm not really a prints person, but I really like the abstract appeal of this black & white print! 😉

  63. Beth Holmes

    i'd love to make the sophie swimsuit from closet case files in the bikini version, and i think i'd just go for the classic black fabric 🙂 thank you for the giveaway!

  64. Vvoman Raour

    The Light Pink to Purple Ombre Swimwear Fabric would make the perfect two piece suite with boy short style bottoms!

  65. Sian Thomas

    Fantastic giveaway, Erin!! I would have to pick the 2 piece bikini kit I think – I'm trying to perfect my ideal bikini at the moment 🙂 And I think it would be the tropical pink fabric for me – I loved the swimsuit you made with that so much. I'm very into high leg briefs at the moment, so I think the bottoms would be along those lines with possibly a halterneck crop top style top, either that or an off the shoulder cropped T shirt style top 🙂 – thanks!

  66. Bellbird

    I would make a bra swimsuit using the ultimate kit and the blue swim fabric with the rope pattern on it. Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂 email is bellbirdsews at

  67. Emily

    Wow! This is a kinda fantastic giveaway! I've been wanting to sew my own swim suit really bad, but haven't worked up the nerve yet. I would pick the Ultimate Basics set with the pink gingham swimsuit fabric. I love gingham! I would attempt to make either the Closet Case Files Sophie swimsuit, or Gertie's Butterick swimsuit pattern.
    Thank you for offering this giveaway Erin!

  68. Debra

    Ultimate kit, tropical pink floral fabric( which I had already been eyeing up in your store) Sophie suit.
    Great giveaway to help expand my sewing horizons!

  69. Andie W.

    Oooh thanks for the giveaway! I'd pick the bra swimsuit kit and pair it with 1/2 meter of the periwinkle bird fabric and 1 metre of the black fabric. I'd make a two-piece colour blocked suit with high-waisted bottoms and a bra top.

  70. Eugenia P.

    Awesome giveaway!! I really want to make my own bathing suit, and haven't got there yet…I would have to pick the Ultimate basics set, and the neon coral fabric! I would make a two piece suit with high waisted bottoms, with possibly some ruching along the sides.

  71. kathy

    I'd pick the bra swimsuit set and the fushcia geometric to make up a Nautilus one-piece (have the pattern, just have to get up the mojo!). My email is kathleen (dot) benitez at gmail [dot] com

  72. Lolie Yergeau

    So happy about this giveaway! I'm working on my own swimsuit pattern and I would probably make it a highwaisted bottom and a (longline) bra top! I would choose the ultimate bra swimsuit set and black and white flourish fabric + fuchsia geometric print! You can contact me at yerlau (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks for your nice giveaway!

  73. Annie Wilson

    I would pick the two piece basics set. I'm easing my way into underwear-making and am just not quite ready for underwires yet. Soon though! I love the holographic mermaid print in your shop, but I think the black and white flourish print is the winner. Graphic yet subtle.

  74. JensWare

    I'd make a retro paisley and coral tankini using the ultimate kit. I also like the neon floral with fuchsia and yellow.

  75. Chel

    I'd love the ultimate base in black. It's not as fun, but it's a sure-fire classic! If I'm going to put the time and energy into making the perfect fitting, amazing looking swimsuit, I'll want it to be one I can wear everywhere. With the basic black, you could even throw some shorts or a skirt on and hit the boardwalk! Sounds pretty nice right about now…

  76. JessieRoo

    What a lovely, generous giveaway! My choice would be the Ultimate kit, and either the solid black, or the pink and white gingham material-I'm torn between adorably twee and classic minimalism!- so I could make a structured, retro two piece a la the Sophie swim suit, that's cute and comfortable enough to actually swim in! (

  77. Jodi

    Thank you for such a nice giveaway! I debated your pink/purple ombre print, but I think I would have to go for half the mermaid scales and half the basic black. I would chose the Ultimate kit and use my bra pattern to make a one piece suit. Thanks! I *think* you can email me through the account that I'm posting as.

    I love you shop and look forward to your blog posts every week.

  78. Anneh L

    I would definitely pair neon coral swimsuit fabric with a bra swimsuit!

  79. Anna

    I'm another Canadian happy that you are supplying fabric and notions online. With the Canadian dollar so low and the lack of local options it's great to have another choice.

    I would buy the bra basics kit with the neon coral swimsuit fabric and I'd make a bikini with a boylston top and high waisted bottoms.

  80. Barbara Marie

    Hello Erin, you are very generous. I like the idea of a one piece bathing suit with the blue with pink and white flower pattern material (the last one) thank you for the chance!

  81. ilse

    I would pick the Ultimate Basics kit (even though I already bought it on Friday!) pair it with a meter of the purple Paisley Mosaic (to match my hair), and then I would probably marry several patterns to make myself a tankini.

  82. Bev @ kwiltpharm

    Ultimate basic kit, green/blue paisley print (my favorite print of all time)and make a retro swimsuit with gathers along the sides to help hide the rolls!

  83. amy mayen

    I'd choose the bra swimsuit in your neon floral! I have a RTW swimsuit unpicked and ready to knock off:) thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Alex

    Definitely the ultimate kit with the holographic mermaid. I have been looking into making my own suit for a while, and this would give me a push to start!

  85. Iryna Boehland

    Thank you, Erin for this giveaway! I cannot find a one piece suit in my size – I am bigger on the top and need underwire type. I like the idea of the Ultimate Kit. I would chose the Blues & Greens Leaf or Black & White Flourish Print for fabric. I've never sewn a swimsuit but would love to try. Finding the pattern is the hardest task. If I ever find something like "Coco Palm Swimsuit by Bravissimo", I would dare! My name is Iryna – birynav09 at yahoo
    I follow your blog and admire your work! You are very creative, talented, and hard working designer! Thank you for the blog and all your tips and tutorials.

  86. Summer Flies

    Well…. I would pick the bra kit as I bought one many years ago and it was such a terrific fit and so supportive for my tiny frame with big top. I just love the green and pink anchors. That is so cute and would really show the bra top off. Thanks for a great great giveaway. I'd join any social media for you but I don't do social media… sorry..

  87. Nancy

    Thank you for this giveaway!
    I would pick the ultimate kit. I love the support a full bra gives to a one piece. I would use the blue/black/white flowerprint since I love florals! The patterns I have made once before is the Bravo Swim #1 pattern by Bravo Bella. I find that a princess seam one piece looks best on me.


  88. Mandy Katt

    Thank you for this giveaway!

    I would use your Ultimate kit and make the Sophie Swimsuit by Closet Case Files. I'd make a two piece, with the holographic mermaid print on the bottom and that adorable anchors print for the top. Given how little fabric swimsuits take, I'm sure I'd be able to squeak out a matching suit for my little girl too.

  89. Kimberly Adamski

    Oooh definitely the Itty Bitty Bikini! I am really liking the turquoise and pink anchor fabric – so cute. I think I'd try one of Ohhh Lulu's patterns but as a swimsuit rather than underwear! Or perhaps I'd draft my own…

  90. Evie

    This is an awesome giveaway! I'd go for the ultimate. I like a good underwire. And I'm really digging the neon coral and black and white flourish as a combo

  91. MakeitAnyWear

    I'd chose the blue and green leaf print and solid back fabric, and the Ultimate kit. I'm about to make my first bra and when I figure out my sizing I'd make the CCF Sophie one piece.

  92. J

    I would use the black flourish print, with accents and bottoms in solid black, and the bra/ultimate kit to make a bikini. Maybe a boned tankini top with corset lacing, or maybe I would experiment with wide vintagey halter straps? I just made my first swimsuit from my self-drafted bra pattern, and I'm already hooked with the design possibilities!

  93. Jess DeWit

    Love your shop! I'd use the ultimate with the black and white fabric to make a old kwik sew pattern that I love.

  94. Naomi

    Thanks so much for running this giveaway! I would pick the two-piece kit with the ombre pink and purple fabric and the holographic mermaid spandex to make an awesome mermaid suit for the beach.
    nsinger6 (at) gmail (dot) com

  95. Unknown

    I would choose the 2 piece kit, I have 3 children and sadly my bikini bosy left me a long time ago lol I would turn it into a tankini for myself 😀

    i would go with the anchor print fabric because it is fun and I don't carry floral prints very well.

    My contact is embrit345 at gmail com

    Good luck all an thanks for an amazing giveaway xx

  96. Monica Nugent

    Hi Erin!
    What a great giveaway! If I was lucky enough to win, I would choose the ultimate kit with the light pink to purple ombre swimwear fabric, to make a tankini and bottoms. monicanugent3 at gmail dot com.

  97. Signe

    I have never ever made a swimsuit or underwear and would love a kit to get me started. The bra swimsuit kit would be perfect and won't the holographic mermaid be perfect for a swimsuit?!! I'd love to draft a swimsuit covering my thighs in a mermaidesque way..
    Just keep swimming!

  98. Kristin Jones

    Thank you so much for such a lovely giveaway! I'd be so happy to grab the ultimate swimsuit kit, and I just adore the mermaid print spandex!! I've been sketching a few ideas for swimwear, though I haven't drafted anything just yet – I'm thinking a vintage silhouette bikini, but with some fun cut outs to make it a bit more modern! My email is

  99. Cassy Montgomery

    I love a supportive swimsuit so the bra swimsuit kit for me. I like the classic black and white print, with which i would make the pin up girls tankini and black Jalie swim shorts

  100. Stephanie

    I would love the ultimate kit, because I need proper support and a of the classic Black and White and the nein coral color. I think they would look great together. Thanks for the giveaway! My email: starcross.sewingATgmailDOTcom

    • Stephanie

      Oh yes and I'd make a tankini and swim shorts. Really want a tankini this summer. Maybe draft it out of a swimsuit pattern I already own 🙂

  101. sewingdreamsblog

    I would love the basic one piece kit with the tropical pink floral and the black fabric. This would make a beautiful one piece swimsuit

  102. Autumn Couture

    I would do the one piece kit with the pink to purple ombre! It is soooo unique! But that was a hard choice because I liked a LOT of your fabric!!! I would make a tankini. And I LOVED the one you made your mom. So I would probably go that route – possibly putting a little bit of opening in the back of the skirt part of the top…. 🙂 just to be unique.

  103. mli

    I have never made swimwear but would love to try and make the 3 sisters bikini Rebecca from Pin-Up girls. I belive that the ultimate basics kit and Super Chic Blues & Purples Printed Swimwear Fabric would be just perfect! 🙂

  104. soisewedthis

    So fun! This would be a great push to get me to try sewing swimwear! I've been eyeing the Sophie swimsuits, so I'd do the ultimate kit and make a 2 piece foam cup suit in the blue green leaf print! The kits are such a great idea!!

  105. Christa

    Oh my heavens, dream come true — I would definitely try out making a Sophie swimsuit with the underwire kit and the black and white flourish print! So awesome!

  106. SewConspicuous

    I would pick the bra swimsuit so I can have the necessary support for my “DD” boobs! I would pick the pink to purple ombre material; I think it would go very well with my mocha complexion. I would use pattern McCall 6759 (OOP) 2 pieces, items “A”,”E” and “F”. Portion “A” would be the front and back top with boob support. I would cut out side panels and replace with strips of material, portion “E” and “F” would be my bottoms portion. I would shave off 3 inches on each side so I can do strips also. So that it looks like a 1 piece but is really a 2 piece. I would use the fabric so that the purple is the bottom ombre to pink for the top half. SewConspicuous

  107. Joanne Harrison

    Bra Swimsuit Basic kit with Light Pink to Purple Ombre Swimwear Fabric. I am in dire need of a swim suit and the ones in the stores – if I can even find any now – are super expensive. I am disabled and need to go to the YMCA pool for therapy so I need a suit. If I don't win, and I am not the lucky type who would, I think I may just have to purchase what I need to make my suit.

  108. Ginny

    Such a great giveaway Erin! I'd choose the Bra Swimsuit Basic Kit and the pink & white gingham swimwear fabric. I'd sew those choice up into a 2 piece suit with high-waist bottoms and an underwired top. ginnyATtidepoolDOTcom

  109. Lis (

    ooooooh this is such a gorgeous giveaway!

    I would take the Bra Swimsuit kit, I'm so desperate for a new set… I can never find anything that matches. Either the top doesn't fit/ no support or the bottoms are too tight or give an unflattering shape. For the fabrics I'd choose the mermaid print for the top (can't resist that glittery shimmery goodness <3 😀 ) and plain black for the bottom so it's a bit more versatile, although I'd totally rock the whole mermaid look.

  110. Anonymous

    I would select the bra swimsuit kit together with the black and white floral/leaf print. I would try to adapt the Rebecca bra pattern for a bikini. If that fails there es the option of the Jalie racerback with contrasting black fabric. Julia

  111. Marsha Lawrence

    I'd love the ultimate kits with this fabric: Classic Black & White Printed Swimwear Fabric
    I'd make a tank top with bra, and shorts bottom for extra coverage of those untidy areas.


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