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[BAW31]: JULY ROUND-UP! & Giveaway Winner!!

Jul 31, 2016 | BRA NEWS | 8 comments

Hi All!

First order of business- the giveaway! I was SO overwhelmed by how many people entered and all of your ideas are SO amazing- it makes me want to break open my stash and start sewing! And I really hope that you all go ahead with some of these ideas after this giveaway! 🙂

and now for the winner…. drumroll please……

Lucky number 16! Congratulations Leora!

Leora will win her choice of:


and a meter of:

SO GORGEOUS!! I’m so excited to see the stunning swimsuit this is going to be! Congrats Leora- a message should already be in your inbox!

And a HUGE thank you again to everyone who entered the contest! You’re the best!

And now on the the Round-Up of your beautiful makes this month– because you guys really are the best! 🙂

First we have this stunning longline from Réka of Red Heels!

This bra was the relief from Rékas short bra making hiatus, and what a lovely return! This gorgeous all-lace, longline bra with a horizontal seam! Stunning!

This bra has such a pretty and light quality! It almost looks like it could float off the hanger! Love it!!

Next we have a lovely set from Marian of Il Signo!

This is her Panther bra set and oh it’s gorgeous! She used a sheer fabric with panther print for the cups, toped with some lovely lace trimmings! I love how she used the sheer and lace and panels to make the matching panties, great style!


To check out more photos of this gorgeous set (and to brush up on your dutch) make sure you go and see Marion’s post over on her blog!

Next we have a gorgeous bra from Kat of her self-titled blog Kat!

This is Kat’s first bra! WOW! she did an amazing job! A lovely three piece cup with seamed powerbar and top lace cup! Fantastic!

After this Kat said that she is becoming a bra making addict- and I’m so happy to help with that addiction 🙂

Make sure to head over to Kat’s blog to read all about the making of this bra!

Next we have two beauties from Anemone of Sew Anemone!

Anemone made two bras using the Boylson pattern from Orange Lingerie, with some fitting tweaks and adjustments along the way!

After she found her perfect fit in plain ivory, she decided to indulge in some lace, this gold lace that she got from my shop :)- and WOW it is SO pretty! I love how it turned out- still simple and easy to wear, but oh so delicate and lovely!

Make sure to head over to her blog to read the full post on the making of these beauties!

Last but not least we have some amazing sets from Ginny!

First of all- Cat bra- OMG, I NEED this in my life- this bra is just the ultimate. So much inspiration right now- you already have me planning!

Ginny made this bra using this amazing cat print for the lower cup, and black bra tulle for the upper cup, with this lovely diagonal seam, partial band construction 🙂

The matching panties were made using the Budapest high-waisted panty pattern from our lovely first contributor Réka, with cat print front and sheer back. SO cute!

And to round the month out, Ginny made this gorgeous Sofie swimsuit! How stunning is this! With the gorgeous floral, and complimenting ‘linen look’ accents- wow!

Ginny makes all of these beauties for her very luck niece Emma, who says she feels like a movie star in this bathing suit! I can definitely see why- that is a suit worthy of the stars!


Well that was quite the beautiful line-up this month! You’re all so inspiring 🙂 🙂 You have me dreaming of lace and cats- so I guess nothing is new 🙂

As always, don’t forget to check out the Pinterest boardand pin all of your lovelies over there! And if you’re on Instagram and posting your lovely makes- don’t forget to add in #braaweek!! You can go here to grab a challenge button!


 Don’t forget to send your bra next month to with your photos, description and links for the next Round-Up post!So – what’s up for next month? Well I have to say that I’m still on summer mode right now- and just going with the flow – there may be a little swimwear, a little bra making, and for the theory- who knows, lol

Hope you’re all having a gorgeous summer weekend (or winter weekend for all my lovelies who live in the southern hemisphere)





  1. Ilna

    WOW!!! They are all so lovely! Reka's lace got me swooning as well as that gold lace too. I guess I'm a lace addict 🙂 That kitty fabric is cute too! You all are SO inspiring.

  2. Ginny

    Wow Kat, it's evident you're a natural at bra making! So elegant, I can't wait to see what you make next!

    Reka's lacy bra is so divine — absolutely ethereal!

    Marian, love your panther set, it's stunning!

    Anemone's bras are pretty and practical, which is something I need to concentrate on making for myself.

    Erin, I think you need to design some Gibby fabric over at Spoonflower to make yourself a set :D!

    Thank Ilna, that cat fabric was a blast to use :D! I have a couple more kitty prints in the bra making queue, but they're far more subtle.

    • Maryanna Dua

      Ginny, I love your kitty bra so much. I've been prepping to start my first bra this week. Could you share where you found the pattern for it? I stumbled upon this blog drooling over that bra in my search results and am so excited to check out the rest of the blog. Thank you!

  3. ciaraxyerra

    I'm bummed I didn't get you a photo this month. I made a set, but the undies half of it somehow accidentally ended up in our storage unit, so I couldn't photograph & blog them together & I didn't want to send along a photo without a blog link. Next month! I'll probably have a new swimsuit to share as well.

    Thanks for the round-up! They're always so inspiring!

    • ciaraxyerra

      Uh, we're moving & had to put all our stuff in storage for a week, which is why there were undies in the storage unit. It sounds kind of weird & creepy without context. They were mixed in with a bag of laundry that we meant to bring with us to the Airbnb we stayed in this past week, but wires were crossed & that bag went into the wrong vehicle.

  4. agnes

    Wow, I'm always amazed by your beauties! I haven't started sewing a bra yet, but I already have the furniture to make my first one, and I have bought Beverly Johnson's classes and pattern for a bra (the classic pin up girls bra pattern)
    I hope one day I'll be able to draft my own pattern, but first I have to understand the construction of this special garment, and of course, sew my first bra… It's a dream that will come true, & I think this is why I'm kind of… thrilled : it's difficult for me to make my greatest dream come true, because I'm worried to be disappointed if the result is not worth my expectations…

    Please forgive me if I don't always use appropriate terms, I am a French woman who lives in France, and a passionate sewist who always loves to learn more on sewing!

    • Réka

      Hi fellow – European 🙂 I was preparing for 5 months to make my first bra, haha 🙂 It was difficult to get the fabrics, notions – I had to translate them to my own language etc etc, but in the end, it is not so hard as it looks and you can finish them in so little time and the results are utterly beautiful.
      I strongly advise you to try lace at first, for me, it's more forgiving than a plain stretchy fabric – the stitches are not so visible so it's okay to make mistakes. 🙂 with lycra it's much more harder.

  5. Sofía

    Such a lovely round up!! They're all stunning pieces, but I have to say… my heart is stolen by the Cat bra!!! I like everything on it, but specially the cat fabric!! Isn't it perfect? 😛


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