Hi All!

Here’s a quick mid-week post, because my good friend Scarlett has come out with something super exciting and new! She wrote and illustrated a book!! SO EXCITING!!

The book is called 100+ Corset Designs, and it’s just that- an amazing book of illustrations with some amazing corset designs to get your mind all full of inspiration for your next big corset project!!

I don’t know about you, but it’s around this time of year, when the weather starts getting colder, that it makes me think of all the beautiful structured things I could be making, and there are so many gorgeous corsets that are on my dream list! I cannot wait to snuggle up on the couch with a tea and browse through this book!!

And that will be possible very soon!! She is launching the book on September 8th!!

But if you want a special hook up- I know how you can get it 24 hours early 😉 If you click on this link RIGHT HERE you can be added to the special VIP list to get access to this book 24 hours early, and as always, I’m pretty sure that Scarlett has some other surprises up her sleeve too!

Anyways, I just had to let you know about it because, well, she is pretty amazing- and I’m also super excited about this book!!

Are you feeling inspired by corset making lately? Does fall give you the corset making bug too?