Hi All!

Last week in my lingerie wardrobe post, I showed you a new set that I made myself, so -as promised- here is that set in more detail! And don’t worry I’m not finished my style search yet- I just can’t help myself when it comes to bras- I had to take a short break to make one!


This bra is definitely going to make it into my most worn bras- and I partly made it to replace my red bra, that I wore to death. It’s made with the same wicking fabric, and has the same comfort!


I used a bit of this bright chartreuse for the cups and black for the frame with black findings! I love the mix of these colours, it’s so fresh and vibrant!

As for the bra, it was super simple construction, horizontal seam cup, with my Orange Underwires for a great everyday-shape, perfect for hiking the trails or running errands all day!


My other favourite element about this bra are my new ring hooks!! It makes it super simple to convert your bra into a sportier racer-back!  I like to have mine really high up on my back- I feel like it’s the most comfortable for me, and it gives a really great shape to your cups in the front too!

I’m so excited to get these in- I feel like so many of my bras will have these now!

And.. they are up in the shop right now!! You can include them with any of your bra kits, or you can buy them separately in both 3/4″ wide  and in 1/2″ wide !!


And don’t forget that I’m giving away free shipping to one lucky American and one lucky Canadian order for the next two Tuesdays in October!! 🙂

I’m pretty happy about my new bra! I think it’s that perfect style for my everyday- a little sporty, simple and comfortable- and I’m going to be making some more matching undies soon because I LOVE these! I wasn’t quite bold enough to strip down to just underwear and bra in the middle of my hike- but I promise I was wearing these and they are so comfortable! I used my self-drafted bikini bottom pattern 🙂


What is your bra style? Do you like sportier styles? or are you a little more girly?

Do you like to have all different style bras for different days, or do you just wear your favourite all day every day?

I love hearing from you!