Hi All!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but The Emerald Studio Etsy shop has been flooded with new kits!!

I’ve been hard at work sourcing lots of lovely new laces, findings kits in my new Latte colour, and a few other little things to make bra making more beautiful!

So many beautiful new things that I had to do something so celebrate!

I’m going to be giving away FREE SHIPPING!! to one lucky Canadian and one lucky American every Tuesday for the rest of October!!



The skinny on the contest: All you have to do is place your order from Tuesday-Monday before the day of the draw, and wait to hear if you are the lucky winner on the following Tuesday 11th, 18th and 25th!! If you are the lucky winner then I will refund all of your shipping charges and send out your order!

**please note that all orders will be held until Tuesday to have a chance at the draw- if you would prefer your order to be shipped immediately, you will not be eligible for the draw**

Now more about all the lovely new things available!

I have more of your favourite comfortable everyday fabrics like these Wicking kits that are so nice to wear and help keep you feeling fresh on busy days!

I have the favourite bra tulle– which creates the most stunning and sexy bras!

And lots of new colours of lace, like this beautiful Coral! And they’re all non-stretch and great for all cup sizes!

And of course, you can buy everything à la carte if you prefer!

So many possibilities!!



I’m so happy with all the new lovely kits, I’ve been working so hard to find all the most beautiful and best things! for you all!!
Do you have any fun bra sewing plans?
Let me know!!