Hi All,


2017, it’s already here. wow. 2016 seemed to be that year of a million little changes for me, and a settling process. The year before, 2015, was my year of HUGE changes, like starting my business, opening my studio and moving back home- it was a MASSIVE year. But I found that 2016 was the year when all the dust settled, and I figured out which direction was up again, and I hit the ground running and sorting out all the little details and the everyday realities that 2015 left out.

And all of that is okay with me, I felt very ready for that after 2015. I’m a detail-oriented person, and I love when I have my own little space and hours to myself to work away on all the details and sort things out- and there was (and still is) a never ending list of things to do! It was the year where I started to hit my stride in other some areas, and then totally fall off the bandwagon in other areas, and the year where I really started to question all of my choices and decisions and think about my life and business more holistically with more concrete goals and vision.



In my studio I feel like I’ve started to hit my stride. I’ve found so many amazing suppliers for all of my inventory, and I’ve found so many products that I LOVE and I’m so happy to share with everyone. I also feel like I’ve massively improved my photography skills and photo editing skills- and I’m comfortable with doing all my product photography and blog photography. I’ve been getting better and faster at shipping out packages (thanks mom!), and I’m getting my organization system in the studio slowly sorted out. – That’s all been SO much work, but really really great.

Where I feel like I’ve fallen off the bandwagon is with my blog- and not the blog itself, because I’m SO happy with the new look of my blog and it was so much work to get it here! But I feel like I got lost about half way through the year with my content.

The honest reality is that: the bra-a-week challenge is just TOO much. it’s too many bras, it’s too much work and it’s just too much to do while I’m starting/running/figuring out my business, and I completely ran out of steam by the end of August. – Then instead of just making a more reasonable goal, I decided to just change the topic and do my Style Search series. Which – while it was fun- I found that it was SO much work as well, and it took me too far away from my lingerie and swimwear loves. As much as I would LOVE to overhaul my wardrobe (as I type here in my yoga pants and t-shirt) I think it’s going to be a slower process, and I’m looking forward to slowly curating my wardrobe, bit by bit, with a post here and there.


So that brings me to now, 2017, and my resolutions and goals for this year!

My goals for 2017 are:

1. Post more consistently on my blog

  • Sunday posts! Sunday is my favourite day to post, and I really want to get back in the habit of posting EVERY Sunday, whether it’s a bra make, tutorial, studio life post, style search post or a bra round up! I feel like consistency is important, and when I stopped being so diligent about my posting schedule, it all went to chaos for me!

2. Be more connected to all of you – my lovely community

  • This is a BIG goal for me! And the first main way I want to do that is: Bring back the Round-Up Bra Submissions Posts! On the last Sunday of every month!! I’ve really missed seeing all of your makes and hearing from you through the month! And I loved how I got to find more of your blogs, share all the love in the community and connect us at the end of every month! So that’s coming back- Please start sending me your lovely makes again (to bra.a.week@gmail.com)!!
  • The other way that I want to connect more is to let you in on more of my everyday life! I feel like you get some tiny snippets every once and a while through the occasional personal Instagram post (usually of Gibby!) But sometimes I feel like I’m in my own little tiny bubble working away at my studio, and I want to open that bubble a little to let you all in- I have a few ideas of how to go about it like: more posts like this where I talk to you about my goals and what I’m up to, more posts here and on my social media about what I’m up to, and the last idea is mildly terrifying- but I’m thinking of possibly starting a youtube channel and putting up vlogs? I’ve seen so many other amazing sewing youtube channels out there right now, and I think it’s such a good way to show tutorials, things you’ve made, and connect with your community. But wow, this idea is really intimidating for me! Do any of you make videos or watch any sewing vloggers? I’ll probably end up doing a whole post on this alone!

3. Work on and release bigger projects. 

  • I think this one is very logical next step for me, as everything is getting bigger, and I know that pretty much everyone is begging me to FINALLY release a pattern at is point. And I can confirm, YES, I’m working on them, and YES they are coming along. I am working through my huge learning curve- as a psych major (lol) I don’t have any background in working with pattern drafting software (I do everything by hand) or how to use Illustrator, Photoshop or inDesign- it’s all a big new challenge for me (that I am happy to say I’m meeting head on and tackling down step by step!) I have SO many ideas, SO many plans, and SO much work to do! But as I’ve promised before, it’s at the top of my list and always inching closer and closer to being ready!!!
  • The next step, when I have my patterns out in the world, is starting up classes. Which is my second biggest request at the moment. I do, and have been, teaching lots of private lessons to people who are looking for something specific, or want specialized attention! But I decided that I want to wait before I teach any general classes until I have my own patterns released. Because: 1. It’s so much better teaching with your own patterns and 2. the more time I spend on teaching and classes, the less time I have to work on my patterns!


So those are my goals for this year- and I will leave you with this photo above- which was how I spent the last few days of 2016- sewing my emerald bra, and being silly.

What do you think about the plan for 2017?

What are your goals for 2017?

I love to hear from you always!!