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Exposing the Unders: Pink Gingham Sweetheart

by | Feb 19, 2017 | Swimwear Makes, Tutorials | 1 comment


Hi All!


I’m searching back in my archives again this week to expose the unders on an old favourite- my pink gingham suit from the first year of Bra-A-Week, Week 23. This time I thought I would pick a swimsuit because I feel the start of swimwear fever coming on (I know I have it already!) And the best place to start is definitely with this one, because it’s pretty iconic for me- I still have lots of my profile pictures out there with this suit!

A lot of my swimwear is very bra-like, especially this one, it’s really no different from going through like the other bras so let’s jump right into the unders of this suit!




All of these seem pretty straight forward when you look at this swimsuit: underwired, full coverage wire, full band construction, three piece cup, and the primary seam is a vertical, because that is the seam that goes through the apex and has the curve 🙂


This next section is where all the fun details happen!


The really interesting parts of this bra are here! To start, it’s more of a strapless style- I know that I’ve added a strap to this, but it’s definitely more of a strapless style, and the straps really aren’t doing much, I would call them more of a safety net, just in case.

Otherwise the really fun details are the ruching on the upper cup, the boning at the side seams and the three g-hook back (a personal fave!) Which I would really recommend adding boning along this back seam for the best on-the-body look with a closure like this.



I can’t believe that it’s been almost 2 years since I made this! It’s still one of my favourite go-to suits when I feel like being a sweetheart on the beach!

Also- it’s amazing how much everyone is loving this style lately! So if you’re looking to make your own inspired version:  The glorious Sofie Swimsuit pattern came out last summer from Closet Case Patterns, which has upped so many swimsuit games, has a look very similar to this suit! And I’ve dedicated a whole section of my shop to swim kits- all of the unders you need for each style of swimsuit- including my Ultimate Bra Swim Kit– a real favourite so far! Oh and yes, I still have some of this gingham left 🙂


Do you have any swimwear plans set for this summer- or maybe a winter getaway? I know I can’t wait for swim season to start!




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  1. Danielle

    Love it! and decided to sign up for the Sophie class! I’m RTW dress size 4 with DD cups – both a blessing and a curse. So I will do the long line with 3 hooks. Did you use boning on the inside AND outside of the suit at side and back seams?


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