Sew Panty Party!

Hi All!

It’s getting to that point again where I look in my drawers and realize that my underwear collection is looking a little sad. If you’re anything like me, then you’re super happy and eager to make yourself a new bra, but then completely lose motivation when it comes to making the panties to go with it.

I was in this same situation last May, so I dedicated that month to panties, and I thought it was about time to do that again, but this time I thought I’d make it more of a party!

Join me for the Sew Panty Party!! 

It’s going to be a pretty simple and inclusive thing- All you have to do to join is to sew yourself some panties this March! And if you like, you can share them on instagram with the hastag #sewpantyparty or on whatever platform you love most! And of course, send them in for the round-up at the end of the month!

To kick off this Sew Panty Party I thought I would throw out some links for tips, ideas and patterns for making some panties of your own! And I’d love if you shared all of your favourite panty making resources in the comments!


To start you off- in case you’re new to panty making- MakerStyle & TailorMade put together a fantastic post about 5 Free Panty Patterns– And they’re all different styles from different designers- something for everyone!

If you’re a curvy girl who’s looking for some gorgeous patterns made with you in mind, the Curvy Sewing Collective wrote this excellent post on Underwear Patterns for Big Booties.

If you’re feeling a little more vlog than blog, you can also check out some video tutorials- I love the ones by Evie La Luve and Ohhh Lulu– and of course they both have lots of patterns available too!


One panty pattern that I’ve been eyeing up is the oh-so-cute Lace Bella from Evie La Luve. She even has a great video tutorial for a hack on this pattern! I think I first really noticed this pattern when Tailor Made did a review along with 3 pair of these panties- they look so irresistible!

Once you have your pattern all picked out, you might find my tutorial on 3 Ways to Sew Panty Elastic helpful- I go over sewing regular, lace and fold over elastic- which is still very much how I sew my panty elastic!

Another great guide for panty making is the Cloth Habit tutorial for sewing her Rosy Ladyshorts– where she goes over material selection & construction with lots of info!


Now some thoughts on panties …

Panties for me have always been more of an afterthought, but now that I’m getting into this #sewpantyparty, and I’ve been looking at all the different styles and variations- it’s really blowing my mind that I’ve been so passive about this huge side of the lingerie world. You could say I’m having a bit of a panty awakening lol. And I realize the more I look at the different styles, they are so personal- just like bras. They have a function, and they can be super comfortable, or practical, or neither – they can be super simple or super complicated – they can be modest and they can be quite riské..

Looking at all the options now, and what I currently have in my drawer, I know I need a re-vamp. I’m a lover of many different types of panties and of matching my panties to the day that I’m going to have or the outfit I’m going to wear. Not just to avoid the dreaded VPL, but also just for the mood- do I feel sporty today? do I feel more elegant or dainty? its it a boyshort day or is it a day for a lacy thong? there are different styles for every mood, and I’m getting so hyped for making them all this month!!

How about you? Do you like to change your panties with your mood or your day? or are you very loyal to one type of panty? I’d love to hear your opinions!

Looking forward to partying with you panty-sewing-style this month!!

Also- if you’re one of those people who can’t stand the word ‘panty’ – I’m sorry this might be a rough month for you!



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  • Brie

    Hey Erin, do you have any tips or resources on making a truly flat panty line? I’ve tried to make panties in the past but fold over & lingerie elastic make ugly bulky leg openings that don’t look good under anything 🙁 . Most of my RTW pairs either have unfinished edges that seem to be laminated/sealed somehow (but are still stretchy) or are folded over & possibly glued or fused with double sided stretch interfacing… I’m not entirely sure. Have you tried doing anything like this? Any ideas?

    Also do you have a source for very flat, smooth panty waist elastic with great recovery?

    • Emerald Erin

      Hi Brie!

      This is a great question- and I think I’m going to have to start upping the panty content on my blog! I totally feel you with the vpl- I find that my favourite me-made undies are the ones with stretch lace edges because they are the least bulky, really minimal panty line and go under yoga pants pretty well. But I am going to do some more research and come back with more panty posts 🙂

  • Reply

    Awesome idea Erin!! I would love to see what the others make and make something for myself if I manage. Thank you!

  • Jillian

    I’m excited too see your journey in this. Long time follower
    I’m loyal to the hipster style panty because my pelvis is low slung/I have swayback. They end up fitting like briefs almost. Haven’t made a truly wearable panty but i hope to in the near future.

    • Emerald Erin

      Thanks so much for your comment Jillian! It’s so true that bodies are so different, and it’s great when you find that pattern that works perfectly for yoU! I’m a big fan of a hipster style myself! I find the best way to get a great fit is to copy a RTW pair that you love, or make up a pattern, try it on, then draw on it where you want the leg holes to be, and the waist height. And very stretchy fabric always helps too!

      • Laurinda

        That’s what I did! I didn’t start with a great fitting pair, because I just don’thaveanyin RTW. The closest I had was more of a starting point. Now however, I’ve modified them enough that they’re extremely comfortable, they fit great, & I can sew two pair in an hour.
        It’s such funny timing too- I whipped out 2 pairs today!

  • Reply

    Fun! I’m totally in! I’ve made a few in the past but was hoping to make more this month anyway! I’m just starting to get more into lace and elastics.

  • Reply

    Oh, I think I needed this motivation!! I forget to sew matching panties, or I get bored, or I run out of elastic… There’s always an excuse! So now it seems like the perfect time to stop procastinating! Yay for the Sew Panty Party!! 😉

    • Emerald Erin

      Isn’t it so funny that so many of us have this panty motivation problem ha ha! On with the Sew Panty Party!!

  • Reply

    Perfect timing! I’m pretty loyal to the Seamwork Geneva bikini, but the MakerStyle and TailorMade collaboration got me inspired to branch out a bit. I usually make my panties out of bamboo jersey scraps, but I’d love to play with some lace and mesh!

    • Emerald Erin

      I’ll have to check out those panties! It’s always great to have a TNT pattern in your stash! I’m with you on the bamboo- it’s my fabric of choice, but I’m also looking forward to working with some fun prints this month! Can’t wait to see your makes!!

  • Reply

    Omg I SO needed this motivation ❤️ Silly undies question (maybe this is warrants a blog post) but it seems like most of my RTW undies from La Senza don’t use elastic on the legs… how does this work??

    • Emerald Erin

      Oh yes- I like underwear like this too- because it’s not too tight in the leg. Usually they use a cover hem machine to just finish the edge with a tiny hem. I’t a bit hard to do on diy undies if you don’t have a cover hem, especially if you’re using slippery fabrics like bamboo. But you might be able to replicate it if you use a slightly more stable knit (less spandex), and you serge the edge then turn it under and stitch with a twin needle. Or you might be able to skip the serge part. Alternatively for a more relaxed leg, I like to use a really gentle stretch lace! So many ideas!! Let the #SewPantyParty begin!!

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