Hi All!


I can’t believe it’s already May. I think I do this every year- It starts with Fall and I love the crisp cool weather, then it’s winter and I’m like- this is cool, I like this- then it’s still winter.. and I think it will never end and just accept that it will last forever, when suddenly I stop thinking about it and poof! It’s May again, and just like that- warmer weather, longer days and summer almost here! And for the last 3 years I’ve had Me-Made-May to jumpstart me into my Spring/Summer wardrobe, and think again about all the things I love wearing when I’m not having to bundle up for warmth.


This is what I’ve been wearing so far for the first week and a bit:


Grey Bamboo Bra Set 

I’ve been a little more lax with my goal this year, and although I still wear me-mades everyday- some days I might miss the photo- I used this set as my Day 1 & 2- it is still an everyday go-to bra

Black Lace & Print Thong

This was a favourite make from the #SewPantyParty, and I’m a bit surprised to be honest, because I’ve never been a thong person before- I thought they looked a bit like torture- but then I found a new style and tweaked the pattern to my liking, and WOW- they are so comfy and easy to wear- I’m pretty amazed.

Chartreuse & Black Bra

I wear this bra all the time, it’s a classic in my rotation, simple, easy to wear and I wear the matching panties a lot too- because I also love a nice bikini cut underwear.

Off-the-Shoulder Striped Bethioua

This is technically my mom’s sweater, and we share it. It has this kind of cosy, slouchy feel, but I also feel kind of chic in it- I think it’s the black and white stripes. I wore it one day in Barcelona with red lipstick and I felt like I had a nice style. I think this one will be a keeper in my wardrobe.

Ogden Cami Dress

This was my Sunday post make- and my most recent clothing make. It hasn’t actually been warm enough here to wear it yet, but I did make it before my trip and photographed it in Barcelona. I love this dress, it’s so easy and comfortable- and honestly making this pattern into a dress I have a million more ideas of how this could be pattern-hacked, and changed for so many more beautiful things!

Off-the-Shoulder Lane Raglan

So I clearly have something for the ‘off-the-shoulder’ styles and this has been a staple in my wardrobe. It’s so soft and so easy- grey goes with everything. This photo was taken in the back alleys of downtown Belleville, while mom & I were taking a break to walk Gibby – I love finding cool little things like this 🙂

Parisian Bra Set 

This is a real classic Emerald Erin set. This is when I first discovered my favourite bra fabric- Bra Tulle– and I made some of my best bras ever. This bra was a favourite of many- and one that I keep for special occasions, when I’m feeling a little more feminine and fancy 🙂

I’ve had a bit of a slow start to May, in fact, I’ve had a bit of a slow few weeks. Before my family trip to Barcelona, I was really pouring it on, going full steam ahead, 24/7 to get as much as I could done, not just prepping the shop and trip planning, but also working on some of my pattern projects. Then the trip happened, and it was 15 days of go-go-go fun exciting activities everyday, which was amazing and such a fantastic experience! But, as the person who was doing the lions share of planning, navigating and guiding – it was a bit much- especially for my introverted self. So naturally, as I came down from my travel adrenaline rush on the flight home, I caught the latest version of the plague, and was pretty much a snuffling mess for the next two weeks.

Now it’s been a couple days since my cold is over, and I still feel, tired? maybe, or still a bit burnt out? And I’ve realized that- even though I’m technically over my cold and not snuffling anymore- I still need a little extra down-time. I’m really trying not to feel guilty about this, or super stressed at how much slower my Spring business and blog goals are going, because I know that there is no point, and this is just what I need. Despite my best efforts, I’m not super-human, I’m actually one of those humans who could comfortably sleep 9-10 hours a day, and enjoys lots of extra alone time in the quiet.

I know that I have a never-ending list of goals, and so many amazing things coming up in the next few months, but I also know that I’m going to have to take them one step at a time – at least for the next couple of weeks ; )

Do you struggle with this too? Are you having a good start to spring?

I always love talking to you in the comments!