June Is Underwire Month!

Jun 4, 2017 | BRA NEWS | 10 comments

Hi All!

It’s June- and this month I want to talk all about Underwires!


I did a post quite a while ago now, All About Underwires, and it’s one of my most popular posts. So clearly you guys have some questions about underwires!


I thought this June would be the perfect time to re-hash that post and add to it.


So I wanted to throw this out to you at the beginning of the month-


What do you want to know about underwires?

I’m planning do write about sizing underwires, and different styles of underwires, but I’d love to hear some of your questions and see if I can work them into my posts this month- It’s going to be a great month!

Talk to me in the comments!!!




  1. Anne

    There is lots of talk about the Omega shape and wires such as your bliss wire. Very little discussion about the opposite problem -wide shape and close set breasts. The wires start to run into each other or even touch at center front and thus give no shape at all. Thanks

  2. Monserratt Lopez

    So many questions about them!!

    To start, it’s puzzling!!
    I have a whole set of underwires from BMS and #46 and #52 seem to both fit my breast root!!
    It kind of depends on whether I compress my tissue a little or whether I pull it forward. Does it matter how much space there is between the two underwires at the center of my chest??
    #52 pokes under my arm and the wires come out of their wire case much faster.
    What is the most convinient position I need to use to measure them on myself?? How??

    Very often, there will be a little gap in the lower part of the cup that is next to the underwire, close to the bridge. That gap can be corrected by adding a wedge to add at the bottom of the bridge, but how big of a wedge should we add?? Do you have any ideas?? I saw this post and thought something like that would be really useful!

  3. Hillary Griffin

    I’d like to know about wire manipulation. Can you bend wires slightly to make them fit your shape better? Are there techniques that work better for certain types of manipulation? Thanks for your great blog! I look forward to learning more about underwires this month.

  4. Barbara

    Hi Erin, for me it simply would be very helpful to know how to correctly check on the naked breast the right wire size (with my arms down or raised?)

    Thanks for your great blog.

  5. Carol

    Oh good grief. I will never get my efforts to fit. Is the cup too small if the wire does not touch you? Are all wires the same width?? Sometimes I think that a wider wire would help me.

  6. Carmilla

    Hi Erin, I would like to know what adjustments, if any, need to be made to the frame when using vertical wires, such as your bliss wires. Thank you for doing this.

  7. Dale

    Thanks for doing this Erin
    Wire spring…some talk about it, some don’t mention it at all. How do I know if a pattern takes this into account and how much spring allowance is right?

  8. Emma

    As mentioned by others: wire spring.
    When fitting a wire to the body, should it fit the breast with or without spring?

  9. Tracy

    Lots of good questions here!! I finally narrowed down what size wire I like best, and purchased multiples of that size in different shapes I thought I’d like to experiment with in the future (like demi/push-up, vertical, daywear, etc.). I’d like to see what I should do if I come across a pattern I want to use, but the wires I have don’t exactly fit the pattern. In extreme cases, I know it’s better to wait and get correct wires……but what if your wires are just a little too long or short? How do you go about modifying the pattern pieces for different styles of bra patterns?? Looking forward to your post about this, and your thoughts. As always, your blog is one that I keep bookmarked, and frequently check for your latest makes and inspiration. You help keep my sewing mojo motivated, and I thank you!!

    • Emerald Erin

      Thanks so much for your comment Tracy!! 🙂 so happy to keep up the sew-jo! and I’m going to be doing two separate posts on fitting different sizes and styles of underwires into your bra pattern 🙂


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