The France Wire

Jun 29, 2017 | Tutorials | 3 comments

Hi All,

This post is all about my France Underwire!


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This is one my favourite wires. It’s a less standard wire, with very low sides and front, but it can be used for different body types and bra styles to get different looks! I named this wire after a very good friend of mine, she was struggling to find a wire that suited her ‘wide oval’ petite frame, and this was the perfect wire!

You can find the printable PDF wire  chart for this wire here: France Wire Chart PDF

Buy this wire HERE, or get the Fitting Pack HERE

So here are the specs for this wire:


This wire is a very shallow style of wire with a low centre front and low underarm. It’s great for bra styles that are low on either side, and is a much more gentle and relaxed fit, while still giving more shaping and definition than wire-free bras.


This wire is great for the wide oval shapes, generally small to medium cup sizes with average size rib cages. If you find your wires are always too tall- these are the wires for you!  Alternatively, if you have a more ’round’ shape, these wires are nice for a shallow relaxed fit and can be a great style choice!


There are no patterns currently that are designed for this style of wire, they would require some pattern modifications to work in a standard underwire bra pattern.


I really love this wire for creating dainty and pretty bras and swim suits! Here are my two fav makes with this wire:


my dreaming in silk bra

my gingham bikini 

As you can see from these styles, they are much lower under the arm, and at the centre front- they give a great relaxed shape with little or no spring to the wire. Super comfy!

Do you love the France Wire? Have you made something gorgeous with it? I’d love to see!





  1. Trista A Brintnell

    I’m a 34 I, how do I make your pattern larger to fit me? Also should I have a wider/thinker band fir support with 3-4 closures rather than 2? My daughter (17) is a 32 H

  2. Mrs Halzy

    The Mésange Bra uses this shape underwire. The 40 fits their 100 (French) wire exactly.


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