The Omega Wire

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Hi All,

This post is all about my Omega Underwire!


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This is one of my newest released wires (June 2017) – and I’m so happy with these wires! They are a very specialty style of wire and I like to think of them as my Bliss wires on steroids lol. I called these wires ‘Omega’ because of the symbol Ω – and the breast shape than this similar to this where your wire size is smaller than the standard wire for your cup size. This is great for those very large cup sizes on very small rib cages, who find that their wires are never tall and narrow enough!


You can find the printable PDF wire  chart for this wire here: Omega Wire Chart PDF


Buy this wire HERE, or get the Fitting Pack HERE


So here are the specs for this wire:


This is a specialty wire with a very tall and narrow fit. This wire is very vertical at the centre front, so you can have the most narrow bridge possible. It’s also slightly taller on the sides to make sure you capture all of the breast tissue and pull it towards the centre front.


This is ideal for very large cups on medium to small ribcages, or people who have a very ‘Omega’ shape. This offers lots of support and shaping.


There are no patterns currently designed for this style of wire, and this will require a bit more drafting experience and trial and error to fit into your bra design.



This is a wire that I haven’t personally used- because it does not suit my body type and will not fit me- but there are some brands specializing in large-cup bras that uses wires with a similar look to this including Ewa Michalak.


Do you love the Omega wire? Have you made a bra with it? Want to share?


Love to hear from you in the comments always!!






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