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My First Vlog! Moving Studios

by | Jul 23, 2017 | STUDIO LIFE | 4 comments

Hi All,


So I finally took the plunge. Video.


I have to say that it’s been a pretty daunting- the whole idea of filming things- figuring out cameras & audio, thinking about lighting and the way that I want my videos to look.  There are so many things to think about, so many things to learn. Then once you have some footage- you have to put it all together and edit it into something that people might want to watch- yikes!

So naturally- being me- I just jumped right in and decided that a ‘my life / bring you around with me as I move studios’ style of vlog would be the best place to start! I know that I LOVE watching videos like this- I’ve been watching YouTube since 2010, and I just love how you get to know people and see their lives (yes I’m just super nosey). But it’s such a cool personal connection and way to share information. And I really wanted to give you guys a glimpse of the ‘behind the scenes’ of my business and life, and to see my new studio as it all unfolds!

Now, of course, I’m planning a lot of different content for this video channel- not just ‘follow me around’ vlogs. I’m thinking about all the different tutorials I can do, maybe some lookbooks for patterns I plan to release, some fun sewing videos.. the ideas are endless. But I just love the idea of you guys coming along with me on this sewing business journey!


SO for this vlog- what is it about?-  This vlog is all about moving into my new studio – this is going to be a part 1 of 2 moving vlogs- so you can see the transformation of my new studio space as I move all of my things over, and start to organize the space.


Click here to watch it on my Youtube Channel!  

It’s funny what you learn about yourself while you’re filming. Firstly I learned that I move around – a lot – and I’m not great at holding a camera steady all the time (sorry for some shake- I’m working on it!)

I also learned that I repeat everything I say to my dog- like I’m trying to teach him english. And I have to say- I think it’s working, he does know a lot of english.


I’m so excited to learn even more through making these videos, and although it’s super intimidating (not just the amount of video equipment and editing knowledge) but also putting yourself out there. I know that I’ve been putting photos of myself online (bikini photos and everything!)- and writing for years now- but this is like another step all together- which is awesome- but also a little terrifying! I definitely was beading a bit of sweat when I finally got the nerve to hit ‘Publish’.


How do you feel about vlogs and video? have you caught the video bug? or are you firmly in the world of written blogs?

Are there any videos that you would love to see from me?


I would LOVE to hear some feedback from you about this!






  1. Sam

    Hi it is looking like it will all come together well. I couldn’t use the link in the article so just goo*led it to view. Wishing you many happy, productive times in the new office. Sam the Aussie

    • Emerald Erin

      Thanks Sam!!

  2. Chloe

    The new space looks great Erin! Congrats on the move – and on re-focusing your plans. It’s neat to see how things grow and change for small businesses. Way to go!

    • Emerald Erin

      Thanks Chloe! 🙂 I’m so happy I can share this all!


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