Hi All!


I have some exciting news to share with you!


Firstly – I’ve opened a new Etsy shop!

So basically I’ve split my Etsy into two sister shops- on is my classic Bra Shop, and the other is my Swim Shop.

Now you might wonder why I did this- and really, everything just got too crowded- nobody could find all of the swimwear things they were looking for, and the bra things were all mixed in with everything- and there were never enough categories in each shop to really find what you needed- so I decided that it would be best to split them!


There is some overlap between the shops- any of my supplies that are used for both swimwear and bra making will be in both shops- but no more lace when you’re looking for swimwear fabric! Also- if you’re like “oh no! I loved buying both from you!” Don’t worry- you can place an order in both shops and just leave me a little note and I’ll ship them together and recalculate your shipping. Or send me a message and I’ll put together a custom order with everything that you want!


Other splitting my shop, you might have noticed something else a little different.


The Emerald Studio is no more.

I’ve gone and done a little re-branding overnight- and decided that ‘The Emerald Studio’ doesn’t really fit anymore. And there are a few reasons that I made this decision.

Firstly- it is so much easier to keep everything consistent when it’s just Emerald Erin. It’s crazy how many different places you need a name and platform- on your blog, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and everywhere in between! I found that some of my names were under ‘Emerald Erin’ and some of the names were under “The Emerald Studio’- but I feel like I’m most generally known as Emerald Erin.

So what does this mean?

On Instagram:  @theemeraldstudio  is now  @emeralderinsews

On Etsy:  The Emerald Studio Etsy is now Emerald Erin Bra Shop & Emerald Erin Swim Shop

On Facebook: The Emerald Studio is now Emerald Erin Bra & Swim 

Also the other reason that the Emerald Studio is no more is because the actual Emerald Studio is going to be no more- I’m moving!

I have to say that I was a little nervous to tell everyone this, and I do want to be clear- I’m moving, not closing- don’t worry! The studio that I have now, in downtown Belleville, is a beautiful little boutique-style shop. I have tables for teaching classes in the front, a nice area to sit and have lunch, a fitting room….. and then a tiny space in the back that serves as my sewing studio, inventory room, order filling and packing area- where I spend 90% of my time in an increasingly sprawling heap of inventory that is getting out of hand.

I had a really long and hard look at my business this spring, and realized just how much my business has changed and evolved over the last two years- and how different it looks to what I first envisioned. When I started I thought I would do a little bit of everything- I would teach some bra making classes, I would make custom bras, and I would run my online bra & swim supplies business- all while continuing my blog, social media… etc. And as you can imagine, things slowly fell off the list. I found my business started to split into what I called the ‘Front End’ of my business (the front of my studio is the teaching area and fitting room) all about teaching classes and making custom bras. And the ‘Back End’ of my business – where I have all of my supplies that I sell on etsy and sew things for the blog. Over time the back end of my business has taken over so much that I don’t make custom bras anymore, and I can’t imagine having the time to teach a class. It really became a two person business- and as one single human being, I decided that I’m much more of a ‘Back End’ kinda business owner.  And I have to say I’m so naturally inclined to that side of my business- the blogging, the photoshoots, the social media, sourcing gorgeous new inventory, putting together kits, and being part of the amazing online sewing community- it all started online, and that’s really where my heart is. And there are so many online things that I would love to expand into, but I’m always feeling held back by a million other responsibilities with my shop. I’ll admit- I have SO many ideas for patterns- I even have my first pattern on the edge of pattern testing, but there have been SO many other things keeping me running that I’ve had to put it on the back burner again and again. And I REALLY want to start releasing patterns- and I think you all feel the same lol!

So you might be thinking- what does this have to do with moving? why are you moving out of your beautiful studio (that hardly anyone even got to see yet!)? And there are a number of reasons for this some I will talk about in another post another day- but the biggest issue is probably space. Although my studio is super boutique-pretty, it’s not the most practical for an online business- I needed a space that is more open for all of my inventory, has space to fill orders and has great lighting for photos!

Being in my studio was a really fantastic start- a chance to expand faster than I ever imagined, and challenge myself. But I’m ready to move on from that space. My new space is going to be quite different! I’m moving to an industrial area, closer to home (yay shorter commute time!). I have a unit that is 20′ X 50′ – and it is one huge box! I get to start off all fresh, with white walls- it’s so big and bright in there- and the industrial chic look is totally my thing!

Now I get to start over with a more clear idea of where my business is going, and what I really need from my space. I’m going to have lots of shelves for inventory, a HUGE order filling table (like for real- my dad just built it and it’s 6′ X 8′), a big photo studio, a desk to work on all of my online things and of course a little hang out area with a couch for mom, Gibby and I to have meeting breaks 🙂

Mom, Dad & Gibby in the new space- with my new HUGE table!

I have my new space for a little while before I have to give up my old space, so I have the summer to switch over! This new space will not be a storefront (no more Emerald Studio- just behind the scenes Emerald Erin Studio!), so it’s not somewhere that you can come and visit.- but I will be sharing it with you a TON online!

Talking about seeing tons of it- I know I’ve been talking about starting Youtube and videos in the past (and I’m working on it! I even got myself a new camera!) But I was wondering what you guys think about some vlogs about moving into my new studio? is that something that you would be interested in? I can make vlogs on organizing, decorating and moving in to the studio- and also some behind the scenes on what I really do all day- what do you think?

Anyways I am SO SO SO excited for everything coming up!! I’ve been sitting on this secret and this re branding for a little while so I was really bursting to tell you all! It’s going to be an amazing summer!

Let me know what you think of the re-branding, the move and if you have any suggestions!!