Tipsy Trinkets Tuesday: Wine Charms

Tipsy Trinkets Tuesday: Wine Charms

Hi All!

I have a new Tipsy Topic! Trinkets- specifically wine charms!

You know when you’re at a nice party drinking wine, and you set your glass down to go to the bathroom, and when you come back there are 2 more wine glasses on the table that could be yours?

Well this will stop all of that nonsense! You can definitely find these in the store- but they are SO easy to make and you can make them so unique!

Basically you just take a thick gage wire, something that’s going to hold its shape without being completely unbendable. Then you get a bunch of little beads, charms or anything you want to embellish. Bend your wire into a circle with a hook on one end and a loop on the other, add a charm with a jump ring to the loop end- and make sure you have no sharp edges exposed on the wire!

The best and most important part is that they are all different- you don’t have to have a set of every bead- the point and purpose is that they are all different so you can tell which glass is yours- so you can make each one more random and one-of than the next! YAY

Pop these onto each glass as you hand out your drinks at your party – and you don’t have to worry about doing twice the dishes as people forget which glass is theirs!

They would also be a great last minute gift or craft to do on Christmas!! And a nice touch for any festive party you throw!

(Me and my sister Kristie drinking our sparking rose while crafting)
And grab your glass of delicious beverage with the confidence that it will be yours and only yours for the rest of the night!
I hope you’re not only having a Tipsy Tuesday but a very tipsy holiday too!!!
xo erin
DIY: Starry Ceilings

DIY: Starry Ceilings


So I have been waking up in the morning to this:

And I love it, it makes me smile- as it was on my list of 33 things that make me happy!.

This was really simple- just a little time consuming but I absolutely love the effect 🙂

To make these stars- I bought these strips of paper that were designed just for this purpose (although you could just make your own out of any paper)

I actually bought these a few years ago in chinatown and they sat on my shelf collecting dust until I found them again when I was moving.

They are SO CUTE- Hello Kitty patterns, which instantly got me hooked- This is my favourite pattern, purple with princess Hello Kitty riding a giant swan. 🙂

Anyways they are so simple to do you just tie one end like you would a simple knot and then flaten it out

Then you fold that little tail piece in- so that you have a pentagon shape with the rest of the strip sticking out one side, then you just keep wrapping the strip around, following the angle of the sides of your pentagon.

When you run out at the end you simply tuck your little end bit under the other folds of paper (in the little v)

Then using your finger nail- I like to use my thumbnail because it is the most firm- you press into the edges of the pentagon, pushing them out- once you push in all the sides you have a puffed out 3D star!

So I ended up with a bowl of 131 of these while I was watching a movie one day…

 and I wasn’t sure what to do with them- so I looked up at the ceiling above my bed and inspiration hit!

To string them up it was very easy, just cut a bunch of different length threads, tie a bead to the end.

Then using a needle, thread the thread through the star.

Then tape it all over your ceiling however you want. I concentrated them all over my bed, and tried to make sure that they varied in colour and length all over.

When the light is on at night it makes the strings more visible and it almost looks like they are shooting starts that are all pelting towards my bed leaving behind a trail of star dust 🙂

They have definitely been making my dreams that much sweeter- and now I can look up and count the stars above even in the daylight, although I can only make it to 131…

Hope you are having a star-filled day!!

xo erin

Potter Puppet Pals- finger sized! DIY

Potter Puppet Pals- finger sized! DIY

I am sure that everyone remembers potter puppet pals, even if the reference is getting a little old… like 2007 old… this is making me feel old.. ANYWAYS… 


If you know Harry Potter but don’t know about potter puppet pals then here is a link to the best youtube video ever : THE MYSTERIOUS TICKING NOISE- You’re welcome

The Actual Potter Puppet Pals:

If you don’t know anything about Harry Potter then you are pretty much dead to me… not really… kind of really…

Anyways- as I am the coolest person ever- this might be the third set of these that I have made.. they are pretty easy, just a little time-consuming and finicky, the first set I made I think I just made up myself, and ever since to make it a little easier I trace the head shapes and the cloak and arm shape, but otherwise I always just improvise on the faces.

This was the first set that I made- and I just traced around the heads and the cloak to get a general pattern

So generally I cut out all the heads first (Harry, Hermione, Ron and Dumbledore all have the same head, Snape’s is bigger and more square, and Voldemorts is bigger but more round and wide).

Then you apply the ears between the two head pieces putting it all together with hot glue.

All the heads ready to go. 

Then I apply the hair (or hat for Dumbledore). It is important to make sure that you do the heads double so that they have a bit more structure to stand up, otherwise the head will flop a little at the neck.

It was at this point that my fangirl instincts kicked in from another fandom, or more correctly phandom… After putting the hair on Harry Potter I noticed that the head had a remarkable resemblance to AmazingPhil, one of my fav youtubers.

Which obviously lead to the creation of these:

 DanIsNotOnFire and AmazingPhil, if you don’t know who these people are, enjoy cute british boys and entertaining youtube with a sarcastic sense of humour, then I would highly recommend that you check them out:  amazingphil & danisnotonfire, And now I can feel like a total stalker owning these until I can find a way to possibly send them to them… 

BUT BACK TO HARRY POTTER (my ultimate fandom) 

After applying the hair- I start to do all the features, and those I just free-hand and improvise- remembering that when you do Dumbledore, you have to make him double sided so that you can have a naked side (if this makes no sense to you, then you should really watch more potter puppet pals).

Naked time!

The cloaks are very simple: make the arms first by cutting two rectangles of the black felt, glue them together with a little hand sticking out one end- then glue them in between the front and back pieces of the cloak like the head. Make sure you only glue the outside edges of the cloak so that your finger can fit in the middle (making it a finger puppet).
It’s really about the details, I just keep referencing the PPP videos to make sure I have all the details right. None of them are ever going to be exactly the same- but they are characters so they just have to have the resemblance. – the only important thing is that you have tweezers and a hot glue gun. As well as black, brown, white, skin colour, red, yellow pink, orange and blue coloured felt. And with a few hours and a few movies or shows you will have some wonderful potter puppet pals!! (to possibly reenact the PPP videos….)

I hope this touches your inner Harry Potter fangirl/fanguy!

xo erin

Barbie Girl

Barbie Girl

When my mom asked me if I would like to help her make a purple Barbie outfit for a friend’s daughter, I jumped at the chance. I was OBSESSED with Barbie as a child- she was my ultimate- I had the Barbie house, the Barbie car, and a huge wardrobe of all Barbie’s clothes from ball gowns to swimwear, along with a few more questionable outfits that I made for her myself.

Now with more sewing experience, I tackled the project right- with a vintage Barbie sewing pattern:

The only thing that disturbs me slightly about this pattern cover is the fact that the proportions of the models (that are meant to be Barbies) are the same as the regular people patterns I have…

We decided on this jazzy green number, full of glamourous purple dress potential!

 I wish that I had every piece from the 1964 Tressy* Wardrobe!

We decided on a beautiful purple cotton velvet – look how cute those little pattern pieces are! Why does everything miniature look cute?

Here is the bodice and the skirt cut out, we decided to omit the strap and make it strapless- full on class. It was simple enough to sew together, just two bust darts, some front pleats, snaps up the back. But then on to the embellishments!
Does your sewing area ever end up like this during a project? Between my mom and I we both managed to find every bit of purple anything from all areas of our sewing stash and heap it all over the table- For the top of the dress, however, I decided on a very simple silver rick-rack but with two pieces entwined- and it gave a very nice look.
While I was stitching up the dress- which was pretty straight forward, Mom managed to make a tulle over-skirt, and a matching velvet jacket with marabou trim!- Quite the ensemble.
So what do you do when you want to show off a Barbie outfit? – Make a Christmas-in-Paris theme background and have a photo shoot of course!
This is the ensemble all together- along with a Christmas snow-beast who refused to leave the frame…
Once the beast was coaxed away with liver treats I was able to get a couple shots of the dress with overskirt.
The dress solo
And the coat solo, which I can really imagine being on the streets of Paris! So posh!
BUT THEN- the snow beast returned!
And refused to leave until he had his own Parisian photo-shoot! So vain! 
Such a drama king- I could have sworn I heard “paint me like one of your french girls Jack” pass his furry little lips!
Only two more sleeps until Christmas!! Merry Christmas everyone!!
xo erin
DIY: Crochet Beanie

DIY: Crochet Beanie

In the cold harsh Canadian winter- there is nothing better than a cozy beanie to keep your head warm- and as an avid crocheter, I find many crochet hats very inadequate. They can be lovely and pretty with lacy stitches- but often, when it comes down to wearing them out on a cold day- they seem more full of holes – leaving your poor ears exposed.

So I set out to make a warm crochet beanie- and I did it!

This is literally the MOST simple hat you can make- it is all one stitch, and a very simple stitch at that. I also love that it is very elastic, doubles over the ears, and generally very thick and fuzzy.

I used a bulky weight acrylic/wool mix yarn, with a 6.5 size crochet hook, but you could make this hat with anything really (although I would recommend a bulky weight yarn). 


1. Crochet a Starting Chain– to determine the length of your chain- measure it against your head by holding it at the top of your head where the pom-pom would go, then over the top of your head to where you want it to sit on your forehead- folding it over as much as you want it to be folded over. (For me that was 37 chain stitches, and I wanted a big fold at the bottom). 

2. Single Crochet– for your first row single crochet in each of your chain stitches

3. Single Crochet in Back Loop- turn over (chain one), and when you go to do your next single crochet- only put your hook through the back loop, instead of both of the loops as you usually would. Do this for the entire row.

4. Repeat– repeat, repeat, repeat- until you have a rectangle of this ribbed crochet fabric, that is large enough to wrap around your head. I didn’t count how many this was, I just kept hold it up to my head a trying to squeeze it around- I also made sure it fit snug, because this stitch will give you a little stretch, so you don’t have to worry about making it super oversized.

 5. Slip Stitch & Gather– use slip stitches to join your rectangle into a tube. Then you simply gather one end of the tube using a strand or two of your yarn (depending on the strength of the yarn). 

6. POM-POM– I was still left with a bit of a hole at the top of my hat so I covered it up with a massive pom-pom (which I would have done whether there was a hole or not!) But I simply made this pom-pom by wrapping my yarn repeatedly around the closest available wine bottle (never further than 2 arm lengths from me), then sliding it off, tying the center together, and cutting the loops- fluffing it up and tying it to the top of the hat. easy-peasy 

I have hardly taken this off since I made it- and I have several requests for more hats this Christmas- which is wonderful because I can whip-up one of these gems in the time it takes to watch another Christmas movie! 
I would definitely recommend making one of these for a special someone this Christmas- as a perfect last minute gift!
Merry Christmas I hope you are all enjoying your holidays!- and I will be doing more last-minute Christmas posts very soon!
xo erin