Face, Eye and Lip Favourites!

Face, Eye and Lip Favourites!

Hi All,

I thought I should be random this Friday and do something that I’ve never done on here before- review some make-up products that I’ve been loving!

If some of you don’t know already, I am a bit of a make-up addict and I enjoy watching countless hours of make-up tutorials and reviews on YouTube, as well as trying out new looks on myself.

Anyways- I have found some new products recently that I have been using a lot and really loving- so I’m going to show you my new face, eyes and lips favourite!

First with the face favourite- I am loving the Revlon 24hrs  ColourStay foundation.

I have this in the colour 110 Ivory, also known as ‘as pale as it gets’. And I think it is a really great colour and matches in well with my skin tone. This is a fairly high coverage liquid foundation and I find that it buffs into my skin really well when I apply it with a buffing brush. The main reason that I tried out this foundation was because I found that my old foundation (Infallible by L’Oreal) was drying a little bit orange on my skin- which is really obvious when you are as pale as I am. This foundation has not done that so far- and I find that it has really good staying power and will last on my skin all day. For reference I tend to have fairly dry skin.

My second fav is for the eyes and it is the new ‘LASH OUT Butterfly’ mascara from L’Oreal

I love this- I think this is one of those new brush shapes that isn’t just a gimmick- the longer tips on the one end curve around to the shape of my eye and get my outer lashes way better! I generally love all the mascaras in the voluminous range from L’Oreal, but this one really does it the most for me- it has their good formula and a really great brush- I’m sold, I already bought my second of these for when I run out of my first! – I got mine in ‘black’.

My last favourite is a Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the colour 109

If you follow many beauty vloggers- you may know that this is a bit of a cult favourite of the drugstore lipsticks. I first bought this lipstick in the colour 107 (which is a really dark vampy red) and I just recently got it in 109 which is this super bright coral-pink colour- I put it on as I was leaving the store and I got a compliment on it only minutes later! These lipsticks are very highly pigmented and long lasting- they are also fairly matte and a little on the drier side, not very creamy- but I feel like this is what helps them to last for so long. Luckily they don’t seem to dry my lips out- so it is really a must have in my make-up bag- especially in this colour for spring!

I have been absolutely loving all these products lately- and they were all used in the make-up look I had on in my post yesterday to take picks of the new jacket I made.

I love this look for spring with the long lashes, flawless skin and bold lip!

And these products were all pretty essential in bringing me from this (no make-up cringe):

To this (super polished!):

I was looking out my window to take these pics and it was so bright- most of them were like this lol:

But this look is SUPER on trend for this spring, especially with a more orange-based lip colour! Pixiwoo – my girl crushes- actually just put up a make-up tutorial yesterday with a look similar to this! I feel so ahead of the trend!! (if you like make-up tutorials- seriously check it out they are amazing)

Hope your Friday is Fantastic!! and if you have any make-up favourites, or have been loving the same products as I have- leave them in a comment!!

xo erin

Tipsy Tuesday: Sandbanks Estate Winery

Tipsy Tuesday: Sandbanks Estate Winery

Hi All!

For this Tipsy Tuesday- I wanted to share one of my favourite wineries of the moment- Sandbanks Winery– and I have been loving their wines lately! I also visited the winery over my Christmas Holiday and it was beautiful (but I didn’t have a camera on me so I stole this pic from their website!)

I particularly like their red wines – these three being my fav:

I’m going to give you their description of the wines- since I am no connoisseur and have no idea how to properly describe them. lol

Baco Noir (can you tell this is my fav?- it didn’t even last long enough to take the picture!) 

Described as “A full-bodied red wine with intense plum and wild cherry flavours.Notes of toasted oak provide a lingering finish. Our signature wine.”                                                                
I really like this one for drinking before dinner, it is a little bit sweeter and just really nice on it’s own or with nice cheese!


Described as Rich, elegant and very well balanced red wine with intense aromas of raspberry, chocolate and red plum. Very versatile, always ready to be enjoyed at anytime.” 
– This one I can drink with our without food, but I like having it with steak or even pork- it’s nice drinking!


Described as “This rich bodied wine has red plum, raspberry and spice flavours with a vibrant finish of red cherry and vanilla. Pairs well with stews and red meat.”
– I would agree with the description- it does pair well with heavy foods since it is a little drier than the other two. We had this with roast-beef on Christmas with my grandparents and it was lovely!

Also when I was at the winery last- being all posh tasting wines with my fam, I tried this little aperitif – and I loved it- I am a big fan of black currant and it’s light and sweet and like juice but better lol

Seeing as it is pretty, pink and says love on it- it is a good choice for Valentine’s day coming up. Even if -like me- you are single and planning to drink it on a girls night, and you prefer to call it National Cake-Bingeing day!

Anyways, I just wanted to share that with you because I have been loving it lately – I also want to clarify that I do not get paid/sponsored to do this in any way- this is just a winery that I have visited and have been really enjoying their products for a while! And for that I wanted to give them some love! 

Hope you are having a very Tipsy Tuesday!

xo erin

New Year’s Favs & Resolutions for 2014

New Year’s Favs & Resolutions for 2014

What is not to love about New Years Eve? 

This picture was from last New Year’s, which I was fortunate enough to spend in Barcelona, Spain- fancy-shmancy I know! Look at me just dripping in festivness!!

This year was more typical:

Spent with a couple of close friends: scattegories, sparklers, and more than a couple shots- really my fav way to spend any evening, but New Year’s in particular 🙂 

I got thinking about what I like so much about New Year’s this year (or rather last year ha ha…)

and here are my TOP 5 FAVS about New Year’s!

#1 Shrimp rings with the horseradish tomato sauce (most delicious thing ever put together)

#2 Over the top glitter being a 100% legitimate make-up look for the night

#3 Sparklers / Fireworks / Confetti explosions 

#4 Champagne (or shots- depending on how classy you’re feeling that night)

AND.. #5 Resolutions— 

This year, instead of making my usual vague and overachieving resolutions, I have decided to make them a little more specific and a little more achievable. And the resolution I finally landed on was all about creativity and this blog in particular. 

So without further adieu … I resolve to:

Post a minimum of 3 times a week to this blog- with possible increases to daily blogging in the future (but let’s not be too hasty yet..). 

One of these posts will be my fixed feature of ‘Soup Sunday’ which will soon become ‘Supper Sunday’ as I am actually starting to see the end of all the soups I know how to make…

The second post will be a new feature ‘Wellness Wednesday‘ (that’s a working title..) because I’m actually really into all things health (having a psych/health degree) and I am always asked by my friends about my diet, motivation & positivity, and other fitness and wellness tips – so that will be a sort of ‘living your best healthy life’ kind of thing. Not to mention I have slightly fallen off the health bandwagon and this will hopefully encourage me to jump back on it! 

Then on top of those two fixed posts, I will post a minimum of one creative post per week– whether it be a sewing project, a DIY, crochet, beading, possibly make-up tutorial (?)- anything creative! 

Then after all of those minimum 3 three posts, I will try to post more things like outings, OOTD, or other tag-style things like ‘my favourites’ or hauls. 

So I am anticipating a hectic schedule for myself this 2014, and hopefully this blog will give me the motivation I need to get all of that done- and possibly build my little community on here! 

Looking forward to the upcoming Sewing and Life Adventures of Emerald Erin: 2014!! <3

xo erin

In Heaven at Boretski Gallery

In Heaven at Boretski Gallery

This past weekend, hanging at home with mom, we decided to do a little shopping at my favourite place, Boretski Gallery. It is a little shop in downtown Belleville, close to my hometown, that deals in everything vintage and fabulous. I don’t know if I have yet shared with you my love of vintage fashion, but it is quite a passion of mine and very close to my heart.

I used to go to Boretski Gallery all the time when I was in high school, usually with a friend or two, and we would spend HOURS looking through all the dresses, jewelry and hats, putting on fashion shows and modeling all the dresses, feeling as special as can be :). Sometimes not buying anything and sometimes splurging on a couple items I couldn’t live without, items that are always among the most special in my wardrobe.

 I wasn’t able to go there as much when I was in university and since I graduated this spring  because I live further away and didn’t have access to a car, but I have always tried to drop in from time to time to check in, say hi and drool over everything in the store.

Visiting with my mom reminded me of all the special times in that store- the time I spent 5 hours with my good friend, modeling all the dresses in the shop for Marina (the amazing shop owner, who kept the shop open more than an hour after closing because we were having so much fun!), and finally settling on an amazing little blue number for my graduation. Or the time that I spent about 4 hours looking through everything in the store and finally splurging on a Marilyn Monroe-worthy gold bathing suit and long black evening coat… I still swoon thinking of these purchases, that are in loving places of honour in my closet!… 

One of the most special things about this shop is that it reminds me so much of my grandmother. My grandmother was a seamstress, a collector of all thing vintage and a very fashionable lady. She was and still is my inspiration, and her house and her sewing shoppe was always filled with amazing vintage clothes, accessories, fabrics and sewing and crafting things that are now part of my collection. Going into Boretski Gallery, and with every turn and little surprise I can’t help but think of her :).

(a bra that might make people inquire about the coldness of the room…)

Every time I go into this shop, there is something that I just CAN’T leave without, and this visit was no exception. Browsing through the coats, thinking of the cold outside, I came across this- and I just couldn’t put it back.

I know that I already have a, um.. large number.. of coats, but wearing different winter coats is one of the only things you can do to look different day to day in the Canadian winter, and this one was just the perfect amount of vintage and quirky- and I am really looking forward wearing it and building outfits around it! 

I am so excited to share one of my favourite places in the world, and the best shopping destination in my area! It is worth dropping in just to chat fashion with Marina!

(Marina & I)

Now I am off to make some long wrist warmers to go with my new coat, and dream about all of the other gems that I saw this visit 🙂 !

xo erin