The Bethioua

The Bethioua

Hi All!

For my first indie pattern make this month, I decided that the Bethioua pattern would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe 🙂

This is a raglan, batwing sleeve shirt, with a cool detail in the back where the sleeve pieces wrap around and meet in the center back.

Funny story about this pattern, my mom found the pattern first, and for some reason she read the name super-quick and thought it was called “beth-oos-a-la” and it stuck, so I will forever know this pattern as the ‘bethoosala’.

To take full advantage of the style lines of this sweater I used a quilted fabric for the body and stretch lace for the sleeves.

I LOVE the combo of quilted and lace! I think it adds so much dimension to this pattern, and really highlights the pattern lines!

This back has to be my favourite part, the way the sleeves wrap around, and having the lace across the back.

This was a team effort, with mom sewing up the body and me finishing it with fold over elastic on all the edges! Thanks mom 🙂


I will admit, that it was a tad bit colder than I thought it would be at the beach (behind the smile my teeth were chattering and I was hugging Gibby for warmth!) No- it wasn’t really that bad, but I did keep moving!

Another super cool thing about this shirt is that.. I have all the materials available for it in my shop!! So you can make one just like it for yourself 🙂

My new mini quilt along with some of my Miriam stretch lace and you are all set!!

Have you been doing any sewing this May? Have you found any gaps in your me-made wardrobe yet? This has definitely filled a gap in mine, I think I’ll be living in this until summer!

Let me know in the comments 🙂



Me Made May 2016!!!!!

Me Made May 2016!!!!!

Hi All!!

I just realized how insanely long it’s been since I’ve written a post that wasn’t for Bra-A-Week. It’s been too long!

So it’s very refreshing to write a new post! And this one isn’t specifically about lingerie or swimwear (although of course it will involve both!!) This is about Me Made May 2016!! I’m SO PUMPED!!!
I’ve been doing Me Made May for the last two years and I LOVE it (if you want to check out some of those, you can look in my Sewing tab)!
If you don’t know what Me Made May is you can go to one of the hosts – So, Zo and read all about it and sign up! 
Basically the quick-notes version of Me Made May is that you make a pledge to wear your me-made items during the month of May, and you can make whatever goal suits you! It’s a challenge that helps to get you actually wearing all the gorgeous things that you make, and also see the holes in your me-made wardrobe of things that you should make yourself! And you know me, I love a good challenge 🙂
My Me-Made-May Goal:
 -To wear a new me-made item everyday without repeats
– To make a new indie pattern every week  (4 new makes!)
What this means is that I will have 2 extra posts every week!! On Thursdays I will post about my new indie pattern make and on Saturdays I will post my weekly round-up of outfits!
I’m also going to be participating on Instagram with  #MMMay16
I haven’t decided on all the patterns that I want to make, but I know for sure that I’ll be making the The Bethioua Long-sleeve from Elle Puls,  Hudson Pants from True Bias, and a pair of Carolyn Pyjamas from Closet Case Files sounds like something I want in my life!
As you can see, the theme for my me-made-may is comfort lol
Are you participating in Me-Made-May 2016? What’s your pledge?
Have you been loving any indie patterns lately? Have you made any? Are you dreaming of making any?
4 more days until it starts!!! YAY!!


My Tank Dress from Sew Caroline

My Tank Dress from Sew Caroline

Hi All!

This is my last and final indie pattern make for May! As you know, I was trying to make one indie pattern for each week of MeMadeMay- because I love supporting indie designers and I wanted to try out some of the patterns!

Well this is the last week of May- (I held off my weekly round-up until Monday so I didn’t have two extra days of may left over- so you can expect that on Monday!) And I decided that it was time for a summer dress- and I wanted something sure simple! So I picked the Tank Dress form Sew Caroline!

This is a really simple tank dress, no bust darts or fitting, so I cinched it in with a waist belt- which I think has a nice effect.

The pattern printed out well, very simple just the two pieces front and back on a fold- I decided against the pockets because I wanted the dress to be as light as possible, and I thought the pockets might make it heavier and not drape as well. I also reduced the seam allowances from 1/2″ to 1/4″ so I could serge it together.

I made it out of this navy and white knit that I got at Lens Mill. It’s very light, a bit see-through and slightly stretchy- I just loved this print! It says summer to me 🙂 and it helps that it was on sale!

You can wear it without the belt too- which I really like, I can see wearing this without a belt as a bathing suit cover up this summer, just very loose and casual. Mom actually whipped this dress up for me- it took no time, just a quick serge up the sides, some 1/4″ fold over elastic to finish the neckline and left raw for the hem- couldn’t be easier!

Pretty fabric! It has these see-through stripes running through it horizontally-but since it’s dark enough and there’s enough of a print, you can’t tell if you wear nude coloured under-things! But it’s also nice for a bathing suit cover up for that reason!

This is a nice dress for the summer!

I also found this pretty moth in the back yard! Mom saved him from our dog, who thought he was a very interesting toy!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! And you’re enjoying the last days of MeMadeMay if you’re participating!

I think dresses like this are going to be a staple in my wardrobe this summer, such an easy go-to outfit to throw on.

What are your wardrobe staples?

xo erin

Off-the-shoulder Nettie!

Off-the-shoulder Nettie!

Hi All!
For my third indie pattern make of Me Made May I have…. another Nettie!!

I know I was supposed to do a different pattern every week to try out new patterns, but after I saw this pattern hack tutorial on Closet Case Files for making your Nettie an off-the-shoulder style I knew I needed one!

You know that moment when you see something that inspires you and you instantly have a complete project formed in your head- this was one of those!

I grabbed this grey and black bamboo knit out of my stash and got to work on my crop-top beauty!

It was a super simple pattern hack and Heather explains it really well in her tutorial. After dropping the shoulders, I cropped my pattern off at the ‘Shelf Bra’ line on her pattern, and I think it was the perfect length for a crop top for me. I cropped the sleeves to be the same length too.

Instead of doing self-binding I went back to my old stand-by, 3/8″ fold over elastic, matte side out. It worked really well for this! Although you should keep in mind that if you are finishing this with fold over elastic instead of using her method of binding, you’re going to lose a little height, since this doesn’t add any height to the neckline.

I am looking forward to rocking the high waisted skirt/short with a crop top trend this summer! (since I’m not quite bold enough to expose my whole stomach).

Getting my puppy love! 🙂

I feel so stylish in this outfit!

I think the Nettie is going to be a staple in my pattern collection!

And absolutely loving this pattern hack! Do you have any favourite pattern hacks?

xo erin


A Navy Nettie from Closet Case Files!

A Navy Nettie from Closet Case Files!

Hi All!

Today I have my indie pattern make of the week! It was part of my goal for Me Made May to make an indie pattern every week of May- and this week it’s the Nettie from Closet Case Files!

Now I think I should call this goal the ‘Have my amazing mom make me an indie pattern every week’ because that is a lot more realistic! Again, I have to give credit to mom for this make- she is fantastic and bailed me out again!

I’ve seen a lot of really nice Netties out there- and I thought it was about time that I had one! And who doesn’t love a body suit!

The pattern printed out pretty well, and I taped it all together. I cut out a size 10, which was pretty close to my measurements- for alterations I added 1 1/2″ at the lengthen shorten line and I raised the leg about 1″ at the side seam- because the leg was a little too low cut for me.

And the fit turned out great!! This pattern comes with so many style options- and I picked the 3/4 sleeves, the high neck and the low back!

The arms are very high cut and fitted so they stayed on really well, I was worried at first that the back would gape or that it would fall off my shoulders, but it stays put nicely!

I picked this navy knit fabric with a lot of all-way stretch. It also has this really neat pattern all over of these intersecting raised lines.

Mom used strips of it to self bind all the edges.

It came together really quick!

I think my favourite part of this suit is the low back- it just looks so elegant to me!

And it was such a fun time walking on the Marsh Boardwalk with mom and Gibby! He’s such a curious little pup! And it was a perfect day for taking photos!


I am completely in love with my Nettie! I can’t wait to make another one. Next time I night switch it up and make one with a scoop neck and higher back. – we’ll see!

How is your Me Made May going?
Have you been meeting your goals? Made anything new?
I’ve been pretty happy with my MMMay wardrobe so far – I’m surprising myself with how many things I’ve made that I love and wear!
xo erin