DIY: Starry Ceilings

DIY: Starry Ceilings


So I have been waking up in the morning to this:

And I love it, it makes me smile- as it was on my list of 33 things that make me happy!.

This was really simple- just a little time consuming but I absolutely love the effect 🙂

To make these stars- I bought these strips of paper that were designed just for this purpose (although you could just make your own out of any paper)

I actually bought these a few years ago in chinatown and they sat on my shelf collecting dust until I found them again when I was moving.

They are SO CUTE- Hello Kitty patterns, which instantly got me hooked- This is my favourite pattern, purple with princess Hello Kitty riding a giant swan. 🙂

Anyways they are so simple to do you just tie one end like you would a simple knot and then flaten it out

Then you fold that little tail piece in- so that you have a pentagon shape with the rest of the strip sticking out one side, then you just keep wrapping the strip around, following the angle of the sides of your pentagon.

When you run out at the end you simply tuck your little end bit under the other folds of paper (in the little v)

Then using your finger nail- I like to use my thumbnail because it is the most firm- you press into the edges of the pentagon, pushing them out- once you push in all the sides you have a puffed out 3D star!

So I ended up with a bowl of 131 of these while I was watching a movie one day…

 and I wasn’t sure what to do with them- so I looked up at the ceiling above my bed and inspiration hit!

To string them up it was very easy, just cut a bunch of different length threads, tie a bead to the end.

Then using a needle, thread the thread through the star.

Then tape it all over your ceiling however you want. I concentrated them all over my bed, and tried to make sure that they varied in colour and length all over.

When the light is on at night it makes the strings more visible and it almost looks like they are shooting starts that are all pelting towards my bed leaving behind a trail of star dust 🙂

They have definitely been making my dreams that much sweeter- and now I can look up and count the stars above even in the daylight, although I can only make it to 131…

Hope you are having a star-filled day!!

xo erin

Hibernation Preparation

Hibernation Preparation

So now that Halloween is over, and the long winter is ahead, I have decided to prepare for my inevitable hibernation (not wanting to leave my bed ever) by making myself a new duvet cover.

My old duvet cover had a pretty flower print on a white background, but was prone to yellowing near the top where it would come into contact with my face, that may or may not have been properly removed of make-up before going to bed.. Anyways, this time I wanted something very pretty, and perhaps a little more off-white, to at least appear clean for longer, so with some help from my mom, I picked out this fabric:

With green being my favourite colour, and the lovely serene print- I figured that I could sleep very soundly bundled up in a cocoon of this. So I set to work making a queen sized duvet cover and matching pillow cases for good measure. I also set out to prove to my mother that I can use the serger that she bought for me for my last birthday (although I do have a slight fear of sergers), and I have learned to love it! It is a beautiful Husqvarna Viking H class (pictured below) and it really did make this project easier. (see mom, it was worthwhile!)

This picture is a good representation of my sewing process – machine in front of me, and laptop beside me playing an audio book- Audio book of choice was Paper Towns by John Green, which I actually enjoyed more than his more recent Fault in our Stars- however I would recommend both! I also like that they are short enough that you can listen to the whole book in one day on a sewing marathon. In general I would say that this project was really simple, just a lot of working with huge pieces of fabric that can get a little awkward at times, but I was so happy with the result!

Complimentary shot of the vintage fashion posters *cough* pictures cut out of a calendar *cough* above my bed.
The duvet cover is simply a big rectangle (lined with off-white poly-cotton blend) with an opening at the bottom to fit the duvet in, with ties to keep it closed. The pillows are a little more decorative. I designed them so that there would be a border of fabric around the outside of the pillow, and I did a bit of piping detail on the front, as well as having an overlapping back to fit the pillow in, instead of having a zipper or side opening.
– the piping detail, using the same green grosgrain ribbon from the curtains in my sewing room.
– dark and awkward hand shot showing the back overlap opening of the pillow.
Overall I am so happy with how this turned out, and am excited to snuggle into bed every evening, which realistically looks more like this picture below, once I have piled more pillows and all the appropriate stuffed animals onto the bed, along with (of course) my laptop.
I do realize that this blog seems a little more involved in the ‘home decor’ area of sewing, but I promise that is only because I have recently moved, and I really don’t do this home decor stuff very much. My next post will be a fashion sewing post. And now you can clearly imagine where I will be creating that post from :).
Sweet dreams!
xo erin

Sewing Room Curtains!

Sewing Room Curtains!

Here it is! , as promised, this post is going to be about those fabulous curtains/window-coverings that I showed in my sewing room tour. These were made with the help of my mom, who is a little more experienced at sewing household-y things than I am.

So after realizing that the amount of sun coming into my sewing room made it impossible to inhabit between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, I called to my mom for help in making some curtains, and she took me to Fabricland where we picked out this beautiful fabric!

We measured for the large window, and decided that we would do 3 panels, that I could roll up and tie at whatever height suited the current position of the sun- easy peasy.

This is me cutting out one of the panels, with a grey lining – because the sun simply cannot be stopped by one layer of fabric. After serging these panels together, the next step was to secure the bottom, so that I could roll it up and it would keep the shape- I used small wooden boards for this, but you could go to the hardware store and get dowels as well, and just cut them to the width of the panel. Then I just sewed a little fold-over pocket in the fabric to hold it.
To secure these panels to my window I sewed a strip of velcro to the top of each panel (fuzzy side of velcro), and glued a long strip of velcro to the top of my window frame (hooked side of velcro). Check out my handy work with the hot glue gun! (and the not so handy camera work… sorry for the blurry pic)
Then I sewed some ribbons on, front and back, and stuck them up! I used off-white twill tape for the front ribbon and didn’t have quite enough for the back, so on the back I have used a coordinating green ribbon, which I think worked out well in the end.

I am quite happy with the finished product, and now I can use my sewing room in the day without wearing sunglasses and SPF 50. YAY!

xo erin

New Sewing Room Tour!

New Sewing Room Tour!

With my first post I thought I would show off my new sewing
room. After recently moving into a new apartment with my sister I finally have
a sewing room! It is so nice to have my own little space where I can have my
machines set up and ready for whenever I am!
Complete with my dress form (dubbed ‘Stella’ by my mom), and
an inspiration board, which I admit is slightly devoid of inspiration at the
moment, that is pending..  I also want to get some artwork up here, my sister is
currently a Visual and Creative arts student in college – and I’m hoping that
she will make/help me make something great to put up there. (HINT KRISTIE!)

I’ve also made some new curtains in here with the help of
my mom (blog post on the making of these curtains is in the works!). The midday the sun beats directly into these windows making it a billion degree
light box in this room- but now that I can manage it with these snazzy new
curtains I appreciate all the light I get!
This apartment also offers an impressive number of closets
and I was able to snag one for all of my sewing swag. – It makes me so excited just
looking at all my fabric together in this closet, thinking of all the future
projects – I haven’t completely organized everything yet, but at least all my fabric off the floor!
I am really loving this organizer because I can see all my bright and patterned
fabrics and remember everything that I have. As you can probably tell I have a bit of a soft spot for bright prints!
Now I feel ready to take
on some sewing projects! Here we go! 
xo erin